Here are a Few Things Men Can Do To Get A Second Date

Interested in getting a second date? Seriously!? Well, this means you are damn attracted to the girl you have met on the first date. Impressing girl on the very first date is not an easy task. Moreover, you are unaware of the feelings she possesses. Whether she is fascinated and attracted to you or not? Does she want to see you again? Is she impressed by your gestures, body language, and behavior? It is quite tricky to find it out. Never the less one should give his best shot to impress her in every regard.

Let us check out the following interesting and helpful points to get to the second date:

Smile openly

A smile is one warm gesture that melts anyone’s heart. Don’t worry if you doesn’t have a million dollar smile. Just smile!! Smile openly and confidently. Your girl will feel butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

Dressing up

Your outfit matters a lot. It should neither be too stiff which shows that you are trying hard nor too casual. It should be an elegant and a decent one. The way you carry your outfit also plays a significant role. Carry it confidently.

Avoid using cell phone

Using cell phone while being in a company of someone is highly unethical unless and until it is something vital. Now talking about your first date, cell phones should be completely avoided. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Viber, etc., all can wait. Give her your full attention and time. Make her feel precious and special.

Eye contact

Eyes can say it all; what we are unable to express. An eye contact is critical as it shows your excitement and interest. Look straight into her eyes with respect and confidence which will bring a shiver down her spine.

Small romantic gestures

Opening doors or presenting a chair is no doubt the part of old traditions but still they are highly appreciated by the women. It defines your mannerism and also how respectful you are to her.

Don’t act as an interviewer

Do ask questions from her but don’t act as a recruiter. Talk and share, do discuss but do not start taking an interview from her. When she speaks and tells you about herself or the life happenings, listen to her carefully as it shows your interest and your body language matters in this regard.

Keep it classy and relaxed

Act sensibly. Do not start telling dirty jokes and make the environment uncomfortable for her on the very first date.

Obviously, the first date is usually a bit tensed and reserved one. Relax!! Laugh your heart out. Share funny incidence.  Try to increase the comfort level between you two.

Avoid contradictions

Every human is different in person. The choices and opinions are different. Be humble and polite. Do not start debating if there comes any topic on which you both are having different opinions. Do give your piece of mind but do not start negating the view and attitude of the other.


Ah!! Every woman loves being noticed and complimented. Do you like her dressing? Do let her know about this. Tell her that you love the way she smiles. Believe me; this is the best way to show your interest in her.

First dates are always very intense but show your best for the continuation of the relationship and build up the chances of inviting her on the second date.


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