Here’s 5 Different Ways To Get A Girlfriend

Let’s face it, approaching a girl is easy, making her as one of your friends is easy, but it is always hard to make her your girlfriend. Making your friend turn into a girlfriend takes a lot of time and patience. Most of the guys fail at the last step. So don’t feel embarrassed or lower your confidence. Mentioned below are the 5 ways to get a girlfriend for you.

  • Meeting a girl: while meeting the girl, you give her your first impression. Many girls do remember the first meeting of their life. So, always remember try not to do anything fancy while approaching her. Try to look cool and calm, give your natural expressions and response to her. Show her the real side of yourself. Don’t try or look desperate in making her your girlfriend. Always look to make her your friend not a girlfriend. You should try other girls also, as this will increase your confidence and you will get a better idea of how to talk to a girl and have long conversations. You can also offer her some help with her office work or some assignment or with some household work. A help is always appreciated whether you are offering it to a special girl or to some normal people. You can help her carry heavy bags or some equipment or a bundle of files. Don’t be afraid or feel nervous while having a conversation with any girl if she is way too hot for you. Don’t convey your intention in a single meeting. Save some for the later conversation. Try to make her laugh with suitable jokes using the correct timing.
  • Always dress well and look good: Women do not like those men who don’t dress up well. Women are also attracted towards your physical appearance. Your physical appearance signifies how you are in your daily life. Always be focused towards your health. Try to eat fresh and high fiber food as this keeps your body fit and look slim. You can also join Gym to shape your body. Women also like those men who have a strong body. Next important thing is the wardrobe that needs your focus. Always wear clean washed clothes that fit you. Don’t wear those clothes which don’t fit you properly. Hygiene is also an important factor to consider which most of the women notice in men. Always take shower on a daily basis; you can also use some fragrance if you have a sweaty body. You should shave on a daily basis or trim if you are thinking of having a beard. Always comb your hairs while meeting with her. Uncombed hairs will make you look like a bear. There are many chances of getting this as a compliment from your girlfriend. Try to comb your hairs in a decent style. You can also visit some salon to dress up your hairs properly. Dressing well is certainly included in the 5 ways to get a girlfriend.
  • Network: Getting a girlfriend in your best friends circle is very hard. What if you have a small group of friends with only few girls in it who are also in a relationship with some of your friends? In that case you must increase your friend network. The bigger your network is, the more people you will meet. Also, there are chances of meeting more girls from which you can find the girl of your choice. If you still don’t find a girl that is suitable for you, you can visit some social sites or dating sites to find a girl who seems interested in you and shares common interest and passions. You can also visit some popular places where a lot of girls come to enjoy such as clubs or amusements parks and many other such crowded places. Network is one of the 5 ways to get a girlfriend.
  • Conversation: Conversation is also important for the people to interact with each other. Conversation is the best way to connect with the millions of people. Great personalities from human history have used conversation as their most powerful weapon to achieve their goals and target. Conversation is very important in interacting with someone as humans are considered as socially active. A healthy conversation can help you to connect with the girl you love the most. Women love those men who have a wonderful sense of humor and can turn anything into a joke which makes them laugh. Always remember try not to make the fun of the people, you can crack a joke on some other things rather than targeting your friends or other people. Don’t try to make her laugh, just go smooth with her. Flirting is also useful in attracting a girl towards you. But do not cross the limit while flirting with her. There are certain boundaries in flirting that you should not cross, as this will make her feel uncomfortable in your company.
  • Take her out on a date: If you think that she is now comfortable with you or with your company. Now is the time that you should take your next step. Ask her if she had some time to go out with you on a lunch or on a dinner. If she denies then wait for some time, maybe she is not ready yet or she is busy. Ask her again after few days, to make her feel that you want to go out with her on a date. This will increase your chances of getting her. Repeat these dating cycles for a few weeks or months. When you feel that she is now completely reliable and comfortable with you. Book a table in a restaurant ask her out for a dinner. Look for a perfect moment and propose her. Share your feelings with her as this will make your bond stronger with her.

So at last, these are the 5 ways to get a girlfriend of your dreams easily.

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