Here’s How Nice Guys Are Winning Online Dating

Who says that nice guys always finish last? Well, not anymore. According to a dating site called Zoosk, it’s been reported that when it comes to crushing the online dating scene, it’s the nice guys who finish first. I can feel that you folks are looking for some proof, and I do have some-

1. Guys who message women back in the same day have a response rate of 62 percent.
2. Guys who have listed the word “thoughtful” in their profiles have a response rate of 66 percent.
3. Ladies between the ages of 30 to 50 have listed “honesty” as one of most outstanding quality while looking for a man.

Except to all those guys out there who still think that nice guys still finish last, none of this should come to you as a surprise. Nice guys are actually winning the online dating scene after all. So, you guys probably want some explanation right? Well, I will explain, but this is directed to men who are still complaining about nice guys finishing last.

First, let’s make one thing very clear. Nice guys finishing last is total garbage and is not true. If you are a nice guy and treat women with respect, women are going feel attracted to you. It’s just that easy and straightforward. There is nothing to argue about it here. Period. There is another thing that bothers me when men self-deprecate about their own niceness. It doesn't matter how respectful, sincere and caring you are to women, not every woman on earth is going to want to have sex with you. And you know what partner? That is their right!

Honestly, I believe most nice guys like to think that nice is a terrible word! They assume that nice means wearing a politeness mask to conceal all boiling resentments beneath the surface. But, make no mistake, when are talking about real nice guys, we're actually talking about good men. Good men are respectful, sincere, sensitive, confident, patient, and treat the women in their lives like precious valuables. They do this because they genuinely want to, not because he wants to have sex with all of them, which is what I assume guys complaining about nice guys always finish last would probably say. A good man does it because it's the most human thing to do. Treating women with respect, courtesy, and kindness has nothing to do with the feminist agenda.

If a man opens a door for a woman when we're on a date, it’s highly likely that she will thankful and smile at him, and will only think better of him for that gesture. Unless he does it so that he can score some additional niceness points which he thinks might help him to get into her pants. If that's the reason why he's doing it, instead of holding the door, he can shut it for himself. So, to all good guys out there, if you are looking for a date, online dating can sometimes be really brutal. But, if they are triumphing in the world of online dating, they are probably killing it in the game of life too.

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