Here’s Some Helpful Relationship Advice for Men

Where men need to be handled in a different way, the women also desire to be taken care of very affectionately and respectfully. The best advice for men is that to recognize and comprehend the unique needs of your woman and address to it wholeheartedly. The key to the fruitful and meaningful relationship is to understand her first. If you can understand her feelings, you will be able to have a lifetime loving and healthy relationship.


Now the question is: what does a woman want? Well, what I believe the first and foremost come the respect. Giving respect brings the two closer. Moreover, she needs to be protected, loved and appreciated.

Now let us discuss the ways to increase the comfort level of your partner, make her feel loved, secure and confident.

 Need to know her well

What woman seeks is the comfort level with her man which unfortunately is completely shattered on her first date in most of the cases. What a man does is that he overlooks the rest and is mostly interested in just ending up in bed with her. However, this is where you men are wrong as this sort of behavior and thinking is not the mindset of every woman. This kind of attitude explains that you are not here for a serious and long-term relationship.

During the first a few meetings, women are mostly interested in looking for an emotional connection with her partner. Get to know her. Make her feel comfortable. Share your life experiences, thoughts, feelings, values and much more. Assure her that you are interested in whatever she does or tells you about herself. Along with all this, most importantly, don’t forget to treat her gently and respectfully.

Need to learn her Love Language

The significance of learning your partner’s love language cannot be ignored. Now the question arises: what is a love language? Well, love language mainly describes how well people can understand a love for each other and how they can convey their thoughts and feelings to their partner. It includes the quality time spent, emotional attachment, loving gestures and physical touch.

So get to know the love language of your partner and treat her gently in the way she is most responsive to. Sometimes at this point, most of the couples fail to understand each other’s emotional love language which usually ends up in break ups.

Touch her heart with Empathy

Women are expressive, and their ultimate desire is to be heard and understood. My sincere advice to men is to master the skills of empathy. Assure your partner about your presence and tell her no matter what happens you will come all the way along with her.  Listen to her carefully and console her. Feel her pain and give her full attention by showing positive body language.

Lacking empathy in your behavior will make her feel alone which will create distances between the two.

Keep up the Romance

Last but not the least, gain her trust that she can rely on you not only for emotional intimacy as well as physical too. The small, quick and loving gesture will make your love bond alive and stronger each time. Gestures like holding a door for her, pulling out her a chair, leaving a love note for her in the morning, sending a sweet message anytime during the day, surprise her with a small gift, plan a casual lunch or dinner out and much more. These little romantic signs of love will make her feel special and will keep your relationship last forever.

Now getting to know all this, analyze your relationship with your partner and see how well you are treating her. Also, emphasize to put further efforts to make her feel loved and secured.

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