Hone Your Communication Skills To Make Your Relationship Better

Most men and women think that their communication skills are exceptional. You can be a happy and productive person with poor communication skills. But, it is a problem nonetheless that will erode the quality of your life in subtle and indirect way gradually. But, it’s unfortunate to know that many poor listening and poor communication skills will remain unknown to many people. Every relationship you’ve will improve regardless the kind of relationship it is. It might be the relationship with your employer, with your family, your coworkers, your closest friends, and the most important of all the relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

When you are poor at communicating your feelings, wants and needs with other, you’ll have to face all types of difficulties. So, you need to hone your communications skills to make your relationship better. Here are four tips how you can do it.

1. You Should Be Able To Access Your Innermost Feelings And Thoughts
Most people assume that accessing your deepest feelings and thoughts is simple, but it’s not. It’s especially difficult for guys. It’s also difficult for folks who think it is. The primary reason for is that since childhood boys are told that a real man doesn’t cry or be emotional. Men shouldn’t talk or expose their feelings and emotions; otherwise, they’ll be labeled as a “sissy.” So, when they become adults, they just don’t know how to be intimate with their girlfriends or just can’t comprehend what kind of acts they need to do that will help them be intimate with their partners.

2. You Should Be Able To Recognize And Express These Feelings And Thoughts
The best way to improve your ability to verbalize your innermost feelings and thoughts is to keep practice reflecting on those feelings and thoughts. Keep doing it until you think that you have a firm grip on those feelings and thoughts. Having done that, now consistently practice trying to say to your partner what it is you think and feel about your romantic relationship.

3. You Should Be Able To Genuinely Understand What The Other Person Is Saying
One important thing most people keep forgetting when it comes to communicating with the other person is that it’s not enough just to understand, or to try to understand what he or she is saying. When a person talks to you, you’ve to be able to know where they are accurately, and what they’re telling you. It’s the accurate understanding of a person’s deepest thoughts and emotions that cultivate a feeling of connection and bonding.

4. You Should Be Able To Make Conversations As Personal As Much As You Can
When you’re in a relationship, in every conversation you’ve apart from understanding what he or she is saying, and trying to understand their innermost feelings and thoughts, try making it personal in some way. It’s a great way to transform any mundane conversation into an exciting and intimate conversation. It’s the intimacy of the conversation that makes you look like an excellent communicator in your partner's eyes. For example, when you’re talking to someone about the weather, and it’s going to rain, and you see your boyfriend or girlfriend is going out without an umbrella that it’s going to rain. Tell them to take umbrellas or raincoats. By telling this, you’ve communicated to your partner that the storm might affect you and them in some personal way.

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