How Black Seed Oil Can Help With Your Weight Loss

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At any given time, millions of people around the world are trying to lose weight and get in better shape. For that reason, it seems like there's always a new “quick fix” weight loss solution popping up seemingly out of nowhere. Every week, there's some new fad diet or weight loss trick that everyone is raving about. Some of these work; many of them don't.

The latest weight loss trick is one that few people have heard of: black seed oil. That's right – move over, apple cider vinegar! There's a new cool kid in town. People from all over the world are praising black seed oil for its weight loss benefits, but there are still millions of others wondering exactly what it is and how it works. To anyone who is scratching their head in confusion, we've got your covered.

What Is Black Seed Oil?

If you've never heard of black seed oil, you are not alone. We were unfamiliar with it as well. It turns out, black seed oil is an oil expressed from black caraway or black cumin seeds. The seeds themselves can also be used for weight loss and other health benefits, but they have a very bitter taste. The extracted oil has a spicy flavor, making it more favorable for consumption.

black seed oil weight loss

Now that you know what it is, you're likely wondering exactly how and why black seed oil is quickly becoming a weight loss phenomenon…

How Does Black Seed Oil Help With Weight Loss?

Black seed oil is thought to help facilitate weight loss in two ways. The first way is by managing insulin levels. A recent study found that black seed oil can increase low insulin serum levels while decreasing elevated serum glucose. This reduces your body's cravings for things like sugar, in turn helping you lose more weight.

The second way that black seed oil is thought to help you lose weight is by reducing inflammation. Many people find it hard to exercise because of chronic pain. Black seed oil reduces the inflammation in the body, alleviating certain causes of chronic pain and making it easier to exercise. Increased physical activity obviously helps you lose weight quicker!

black seed oil diet trick

How do you take black seed oil, though? Black seed oil is available in soft gel supplements, liquid supplement, or the pure oil form. From the little research that has been done so far, it is recommended you take 500mg doses twice daily. Some studies say that as much as two grams of black seed oil per day is safe to consume. It is best to take the black seed oil with a glass of water and a meal for proper absorption.

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