How Can You Balance Work and Your Relationship?

Work is a part of everyone's life – well, almost everyone. Most people spend much of their adult life working. You have to work so that you can take care of yourself and support yourself, right? While work is a major part of life, it can take a major toll on your relationship. Depending on your job, you may spend hours away from home working overtime. You may have to go on frequent business trips. Maybe you work a regular 9 to 5 job but it's become so mentally taxing that you don't have the energy to focus on your love life at all. Whatever the case may be, if you have found that work is affecting your relationship, you need to find balance.

So how exactly can you balance work and your relationship? There are several things you can do that will help you find time for your relationship without sacrificing your work. The first thing you need to do is look at your schedule. Are you working overtime every single week? Are you sticking around work for a little while after clocking out, just to help out with a few things? If either of these is the case, you have to realize that your relationship is just as important as your job is. Actually, it's more important. You can replace your job; You can't replace your partner. It could be time for you to prioritize your partner over your work and this could require taking a stand. If you've been working too much overtime, have a discussion with your employer and see if you can take turns with another employee staying after and doing the extra work that needs to be done.

Another way that work interferes with a relationship is the mental exhaustion and burnout that many jobs can cause. Even if you're working the standard forty hours, you may come home too exhausted to even function, let alone spend time with your partner. Your job may be occupying the entirety of your mind, making it impossible to give your relationship the attention it needs. If this is the problem, you have to find a way to simultaneously de-stress and spend time with your partner at once. This could involve finding a hobby to do together that brings you closer together and further away from work. This may be practicing yoga, painting, playing music, going for walks. These are all activities that will calm your mind and help you re-connect with your partner at the same time.

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