How Do Alpha Males Approach Girls: Can You Do It?

Alpha males are a separate type of men that enjoy a huge respect in the company and society. This respect is mutual, to other men and women. When it comes to approaching girls, alpha males are professionals. A few decades ago, it was impossible to become an alpha male unless you are born with this attitude, but nowadays, things are different. If you work hard on yourself, you can become one and enjoy in all accommodations. The main benefit is going to be your success with the ladies.

Mandatory qualities alpha males use when approaching girls

The main reasons, why alpha males are so successful in approaching the opposite sex are the qualities they have. They make them appealing and irresistible, which maximizes the success. In simple words, women like rough and confident men, exactly what alpha males are. On the other hand, we have a lot of other qualities and factors that affect approaching. Let’s see what they are.

  • Confidence

This is the main advantage all alpha males have. They are self confident and they are comfortable in their own skin. They don’t look around and they take what they want. All of this is beneficial for ladies. They will believe you are a strong man capable of meeting her expectations.

Confidence is important, because sub-continues, women still look for partners who can protect them and their children. A strong and confident man is the best choice, so these men are the most common alternatives.

  • Alpha males don’t qualify

When you try to qualify yourself, it means that you are looking for approval or support. Alpha males simply don’t need that. They do what they want, whenever they want and other people’s opinion is completely irrelevant. A must know fact is that other people appreciate this and they treat those people with respect.

  • Talking slow

You may believe that talking fast is the best way of communication and in you talk slowly, nobody will listen to you. Actually, when you talk slowly, people will pay more attention to you and your conversation. This also makes you look more confident and more reliable. There are a lot of clever leaders (group and other types of leaders) that always talk slow. People listen to them all the time!

  • Impossible to impress

All alpha males are successful people who are looking ways to make them even more successful. Now, it also means that they cannot be impressed, which is definitely a benefit when approaching girls. How do alpha males approach girls? The answer is always the same, they are not impressed with how she looks or talks. A real advantage of this is the fact that women will try to impress you, meaning they will try harder with you.

  • Direct answers

When a person gives an answer and instantly begins clarifying it, this is a sigh of looking for an approval. As an alpha male, you must avoid this. Always give direct and short answer. Another person will always ask you additional questions.

Approaching process

Approaching to any girl is possible, but the success with her will depend on many factors. Alpha males are more effective due to all aforementioned reasons, and a few more. They simply don’t waste time. They see a girl they want and they approach. That’s it! Other men will think a few hours before making a contact and then they will be rejected and then they will have a bad night. In addition, they will also lose attention to other women.

Always approach as soon as possible. The right moment is when you say so and that’s it! If she says no, go back, re-group and approach to the next girl. This isn’t losing, this is a smart decision.

The process of approaching itself must be special. Want to know how do alpha males approach girls? Easy. They are direct, they make eye contact and they clearly reveal their attentions. Note: Avoid sex-related pick-up lines and conversation.

For example, you approach to a girl, you say hi, she says hi and you ask her something like ‘’do you come here all the time?’’ She says no and the conversation is over. As an alpha male, you should do things differently. Approach her and obviously say hi. Then, you say ‘’I thought you are a ten.’’ She will say ‘’Thanks.’’ Then, you say ‘’But now I see you are more like 6.’’ She will be upset, slightly, but this is a good thing. You lower down her guard and you show to her that you are not like other men. In just a few seconds, you have displayed all the qualities we mentioned earlier. This is the way of success.

Hidden signs and clues

How do alpha males approach girls and get to success every single time? Obviously, they use all the facts we mentioned earlier, but there is something more. They have experience, which suggests that they won’t approach to a girl that is too negative.

One way to get an idea is body language. If you talk to a girl and she holds her arms crossed, you are not interesting, so change the topic. If a girl looks around the club, she is single and she is looking. Before you approach, make sure you look at that girl, just to reduce tensions and see her body language.

Final thought

As you can see, all of this looks easy and it is, because it is in our nature. You were born as a winner, so start living as one. Don’t worry about necessary things such as cars, money and smartphones when approaching girls. They are not interested in this. In a matter of fact, even the appearance isn’t as important as men believe. All you need is confidence and straightforward behavior. The best part, you can try and approach as many times as you want. There are neither limitations nor any rules, so you are completely free.

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