How Physical Touch Can Improve Your Relationship

Physical touch is one of the most intimate aspects of a relationship. When couples intimately touch each other, it creates presence and connection. It makes their relationship more sacred. Sure, saying the words “I love you,” will invoke a lot of emotion, but only touching can create true intimacy in your relationship. Touching will provoke the emotional center in your lover and touching them regularly will get the endorphins in both of you flowing. This will create a sense of caring and pleasure. Touching each other will also let go of all the stresses you had in the day.

Touch is the language of love and it engages our emotional and physical senses of pleasure. Touching helps us to communicate things in powerful ways that can’t be done with words. There has been a serious study on the importance of touch in relationships. The research discovered that physical touch plays an important role in the happiness and vitality of our relationships. Touching helps us to form close relationships with other people, cope with pain, deal with stress and even prevent disease. Lack of touch in all kinds of relationships results in depression, boredom, pain, anxiety, irritability, isolation, loneliness, sadness, and moodiness. People who complain that their relationship lacks intimacy are probably lacking in physical touch.

As humans we have an intense hunger for touch. Babies need a lot of physical touch for their emotional development, and adults’ needs to be held in someone's arms, hold hands, be caressed or cuddled. Despite this need, we still see a lack of touch in our relationships. We don’t touch our girlfriends or boyfriends because we feel afraid of being rejected. We are scared that we will be labeled as needy or vulnerable. So we fulfill our desire for intimacy with TV, food, work, alcohol and drugs. All of these can become destructive in the long run and will ruin our relationships.

So if you want intimacy in your relationship, it’s time to break down the walls that are preventing you from touching your partner more often. If you are looking ahead to developing a successful, intimate relationship with your significant other, the first thing you need to do is build the intimacy within yourself. Explore yourself and your body, every inch of it, and try to understand what you like and what makes you feel good. Once you know this, reach out to your partner, and tell them confidently to create the intimacy you desire intensely.

Here are four ways you can incorporate touch into your relationship:

1. Hug: Full-body hugs will increase the closeness, connection, and feeling of safety.
2. Kiss: Kissing your partner for at least 20-seconds will raise the dopamine levels in both of you, which will make both of you feel good.
3. Back Rubs: A daily back rub will drastically reduce your anxiety and stress and will have a positive impact on your attitude.
4. Massage: Massaging your shoulders, hands, and feet will create an emotional release. However, touch your partner in such a way that’s not explicitly sexual. This will keep intimacy and playfulness alive.

When it comes to dating and relationships, touching is the gateway to intimacy in the relationship. It also conveys the message of care, support, acknowledgment and love.

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