How Should You Incorporate Online Love Advice While Looking To Date Someone?

Over the years, online dating has become immensely popular with the younger folks who prefer on knowing each other over the different social networking website and meeting only when chord strikes. There have been various online social networking sites that let you make your account, register details, make friends and keep yourself socially available. However, despite all such new innovations and modes at times we find ourselves in a situation where due to some unknown reason we walk the road solo and find it difficult to get love of our life. You might have come across various online love advice websites that give tips and tricks on how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. Well, we really do not know how successful these suggestions are because no one is really interested in getting the success rate of such advises.

If you want to know precise tips on how to get a girlfriend, then this is the first and the biggest mistake that you are making. Websites that promise that you will be able to gauge the signs a girl is interested in you are doing nothing more than wasting your time. At times, when you chat over phone or any other social networking sites, there are chances that a girl will talk to you and seem to be interested. However, she might just be interested in talking over the chat and would not be ready to take anything beyond that.

Be honest in revealing your identity

First and the foremost thing that should be kept in mind while talking to someone over the phone or through a social networking site is revealing your true identity. We all have come across such a situation in our lives where someone with false identity sends a friend request on the social networking site and when the truth is revealed, most of the damage has been done. There have been various criminal cases registered where people with criminal bent of mind dupe the innocent girls into some illegal racket over the internet. The typical scenario will be that you will receive a friend request with a false identity which will be so convincing at the first look that you will not have slightest of doubt before accepting the request and becoming friends. So, first thing that is generally not mentioned in the online love advice available over the internet is being honest with your name and details. Honesty is something that leaves a strong impression on everyone.

Next online love advice suggests that, you should always mention as much information about you as you expect someone to reveal about them. There would be some amongst us who do not divulge much about themselves on the online dating sites. Although, it is perfectly alright to conceal what you do not want to reveal but then you should not expect someone to be interested in you just by looking your profile. On dating sites, people incline towards that profile that seems to be transparent and lively and you can get a sign a girl is interested. You should mention about yourself, post pictures, places traveled, favorite books and movies among other things. For instance, you send request to a girl who you like and she can hardly draw any information about you from the profile. This will develop a negative approach and some can even sense that the profile might be fake or shady. Therefore, being open about yourself is very important when proposing or sending request to someone online.

Mix of text and smileys

You must have seen that online love advice recommend using different smileys such as winking, happy, grinning and so on along with texts will make the conversation brighter and interesting. Smileys are so strong mode of conversation that sometimes when we fail to find words for our feelings, these cute little virtual creatures make our lives easier. However, using a lot of smiley during the conversation might also give an expression that you are not interested in typing long sentences and therefore sending only smileys. To some girls this might sound very offending and they might not take this in a very good faith.

We all have read and heard at different places that there is no harm in healthy flirting. While most of us understand where to draw the line and avoid offending anyone, some of us might lack this art and find ourselves in difficult situations at times. So, if you are wondering how to flirt with a girl over text without sounding obvious then here are some tips. If you are chatting for the first time then address her very casually such as ‘Hi there’ and so on. If you both had conversation before then a lot of exclamation mark after ‘Hi’ not only looks lively and casual but also gives an idea that you are interested in talking to that person. While chatting online, you know that you both cannot see each other and therefore the importance of smileys and other pictures is realized. If she is saying something funny then make sure that you send the laughing smiley rather than just saying ‘hmmm’ or other boring expressions. Even though you have no intentions of making her feel that you are disinterested, your minimal expressions are enough to convey wrong message to the girl and chances are that she avoids talking to you.

After you both have been talking, say for a week or so, make sure that you take an opportunity to give her signs that you like her and you should know how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. There have been incidents where the girl has been equally interested but since the guy took a little too long in conveying what he feels, things get ruined. So yes, we go by our statement that do not sound desperate in your conversation but at the same time do not look as if you want nothing more that friendship. Last and one of the most important things that you should keep in mind is take interest in her life. You should not bug her every minute with questions asking her whereabouts but make sure that whenever you both talk, you never forget to ask about how her day passed.

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