How The Fear Of Losing a Woman Can Keep You From Loving Her

One of the main reasons that some men struggle in their relationships is fear. It is fear that is keeping them away from truly feeling connected and being intimate with their girlfriends or wives. It is fear that is preventing men from letting go of the negative energy in themselves and creating the relationship they desire. Regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship or marriage, if you feel that you have lost a sense of respect, trust or connection, it is because of fear. Unless you get rid of it, fear will also make you feel frustrated, anxious and uncertain. This fear exists because you are afraid of losing her.

If you are always worried and afraid of losing your girlfriend, you will fail to create a meaningful, emotional connection with her and earn her respect and trust. Fear of losing her will make you feel ashamed of your actions and will ruin your self-respect. You will always be sad and pathetic, and ultimately, you will lose your girlfriend, your wife, and your relationship. You aren’t alone in this fear. There are plenty of guys who feel this way and are on the brink of destroying their marriage or relationship.

What makes you afraid of losing her?

Most men said that they are scared of being alone, feeling rejected and replaced, feeling inadequate, never being loved or feeling loved by someone again, feeling like a failure, or what their family and friends will think of them. Some men say they are afraid they will lose their kids respect or lose their identity as a boyfriend, husband or father. It’s common to see men struggling with these fears day and night. If you want your life to get back to normal, you must work to face those fears and face them rationally. You need to stop being fearful of these issues if you are adamant in making changes to help your relationship.

You can overcome your fear by getting your mojo back.

Men usually have a feeling of security and confidence when they have their mojo. Now that it’s no longer there, for whatever reason, they feel afraid. If you want your life and your relationship back on track, you need to restore your mojo. A man who has mojo feels calm, meticulous and pleased with himself. He feels clear, confident, bold and strong. He knows what he’s looking for, what he wants, what he’s creating, and what he values and respects. He doesn’t need a woman beside him or standing in front of him to make all these decisions.

Is it okay for a man to feel fear?

Absolutely! It’s fine for a man to sometimes feel vulnerable in their relationships and other aspects of their life. Fear and vulnerability are healthy. It is necessary and at certain times, feels sexy to most women. Brene Brown says in her book, Daring Greatly that vulnerability is comparable to truth and feels like courage. Sure, truth and courage don't always feel comfortable, but they can never be weaknesses. But, if fear and vulnerability prevent a man from taking affirmative action in his relationship, not only will he jeopardize his relationship, but everything else in his life.

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