How To Approach A Girl You Really Like?

It mostly happens that you visit any place, you see a beautiful girl there and you want to approach her but you couldn’t do it. You really like her but you don’t know how to approach a girl. It gives a really bad and dissatisfying feeling that you could not do something that you really want to do. Most of the guys feel shy in approaching a girl whom they like. Some guys also have the fear of rejection that’s why they feel scared in approaching a girl. But every guy must know how to approach a girl. When guys have to approach a girl, they just freeze up on their place. Many thoughts come to their mind while they think to approach a girl especially when they are going to approach a girl for the first time.

Approaching a girl for the first time is equally exciting and thoughtful. If you don’t know how to approach a girl, you might not be able to get a girlfriend. Obviously to propose a girl, you have to approach her first. Your shy behavior and hesitation comes in your way while you plan to approach a girl. You can’t be successful in impressing a girl if you do not give up your hesitation. Here are some steps given below that will guide you on how to approach a girl

  • Have some courage and self confidence – To approach a girl you like for the first time, you should have enough courage and self confidence. Whether you are approaching her for friendship, for interracial dating or for casual dating, you should have the courage to face her and to speak in front of her. Girls like confident and courageous guys. You have to avoid your fear of being rejected.
  • Think positive – Don’t let negative thoughts enter your mind otherwise they will make you lose your confidence and courage that you have collected in yourself for approaching a girl you like. If you think positive, it will be great for you. Positivity gives us both confidence and courage to face any situation. You should even take rejection as something positive. Rejection can be your key to success. The more you get rejected, the more you will learn.
  • Don’t appear to be nervous- You have to be prepared and plan everything what you have to say to that girl whom you are approaching for the first time. Don’t show any signs of nervousness while approaching her. She will feel awkward talking to you if she finds you nervous while talking to her.
  • Eye to eye contact – While approaching a girl for the first time and while talking to her, you should have eye to eye contact with her. It will make her feel like you are confident. If you fail to do so, she will feel that you are nervous in front of her.
  • Don’t try too hard just to impress her – Be very polite with her. Just have a normal conversation with her. Don’t try too hard just to impress her. Don’t make her feel like you are falling for her just in a first meeting. If you want to impress her a little, just compliment her for her dressing style or something else whichever you like in her.
  • Make her laugh – While talking to her for the first time, try to make her smile or laugh. You can be quite a funny guy to make her befriend you and like you. If you make her happy with your words and your behavior, she would definitely love to meet you and talk to you again and again.

Flirting and dating tips for guys

Through flirting, you can easily impress someone. If you like a girl and you find her sexually attractive; you can make her aware about your feeling with flirting. You can flirt with a girl you like anytime and anywhere you meet her or talk to her over the phone call. You can even flirt with her over text but you must know How to Flirt with a Girl over Text in a right way. Some girls find flirting impressive while some do not. You should never flirt with a girl who doesn’t like it.

Flirting is not just enough to impress a girl. You should also know the right way to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. It is quite difficult to make a proposal in the first meeting without even knowing whether a girl likes you or not. So, it is better for you to know your girl completely and then propose her for relationship.

When it comes to dating, guys have to be very careful because even a little mistake can ruin your relationship. You should know when to kiss a girl and when to have sex with her. If you do everything untimely and in an improper way, you might lose your girlfriend. Here are some rules for dating given below which you should keep in your mind-

  • Represent yourself as a great guy – Whether it is your first date or fifth date, you should behave maturely. You should know what to do to impress a girl. If you take your girl for a romantic date, you should choose a nice place and you should talk to everyone present at that place in a polite way. It will make your girl feel that you are a great guy and you are perfect for her.
  • Pay attention to her – Girls like those guys who give attention to them. While talking with your girl on date, you should focus on what she is saying otherwise she will feel like you are not interested in her conversation. Also, you should pay attention to what she is doing and how she is behaving so that you can understand her.
  • Try to make the things go smoothly – On your first date, you should plan everything perfectly and try all what you can do to make things go smoothly for both of you.

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