How To Approach Girls And Make Them Stay Interested In You

One of the simplest things that scare a man the most is how to approach girls. Maximum numbers of men face this issue on a daily basis in their ordinary life. Whether you are in a mall or in a club or pub you are bound to get attracted by some or other girl. At this time, you get quite fascinated by the sheer beauty of the girl and want to have a chat with her. But due to lack of confidence and fear for rejection takes a toll and you fail to initiate anything with the girl.

Approaching a girl that you like in public or anywhere should not be made a big issue and you should try and stay a little positive to initiate the conversation. Reading a girl’s body language and forming an eye contact can prove quite fruitful and if the girl is interested as well then things get quite rosy and you can have your way. Here are some of the most crucial tips that you can look to follow to approach any girl successfully and form a perfect conversation with her –

Fearing rejection is not helpful at all – Men think of themselves as quite strong and chivalrous but when it comes to approaching beautiful girls, their heart starts pumping louder and palms get sweaty. To avoid this situation, it is most advisable that you find a little confidence and stop fearing for rejection.

When faced with the dilemma to approach or not, the best thing is to try and get rejected rather than staying like a rock and feeling dejected. How to approach girls should not be considered a herculean task and you should look to make it an interesting and fun filled one.

Trying and making effort for something you want is a better deal than not trying at all. You should simply look to build an eye contact or go for a direct hello and if the girl is impressed than there is no reason as to why she would refuse a chat with you.

Do not ask for her number at first – Approaching a girl in public or anywhere is not that difficult job and once you have got lucky it is advisable to not show desperation. The thing about girls is that they take their time to open up and feel secure with you. Asking directly for her number may put her in a spot of bother and chances are likely that she may reject it.

Girls are of the opinion that giving the number to any stranger may prove quite harmful. It is at this time you need to act creative, you can ask her for her email ID or you can ask her for social network ID. Girls feel quite safer in giving their web IDs and this may help you to have your task cut out. You can reach to her via email and can connect to her on the social network. Chats may turn into lengthy talks and you never know that you may find the partner for your life.

Approach a girl with the help of your friends – There is always a possibility that you may get attracted to a friend of your friend. It is at this time that it gets quite important that you take the help of your friend and get yourself introduced to the girl. Yes, once you have been introduced now you need to take the center stage and settle the job yourself. You can now simply go for a chat or a conversation with the girl and if she is interested in knowing you better then it is great for you.

At this time you can act a little dumb and raise questions like how do we stay in touch or how can we contact each other? Surely, these questions will give a hint to the girl that you are trying for her number and if she is interested then chances are full that she comes up with her number or email ID. At this time, you need to be quite active noting down her number or ID and can look to contact her at a later stage.

Practice is what makes a man perfect – Whether it is the question of approaching a girl or you are looking to form a chat with her, a little bit of apprehension is bound to take place. This can hamper your cause a little and you may find that the girl is developing disinterest.  It is therefore quite suitable that you perfect the art of communication and look to meet with girls in your circle. Feeling comfortable in presence of a girl is something that comes naturally and for this purpose you should try and stay in company of your girl friends as you do with your male friends.

This surely can have a positive effect on your attitude and you will be able to understand better the psyche of girls in general. The prospect of how to approach girls will seem quite easier to you and you may find success in interactions with different girls. The best thing that comes out of all this is that you build a positive confidence and you no longer will get sweaty palms in front of any girl. Practicing communication with girls can also help you to avoid misunderstanding about the nature and attitude of girls and you may develop a friendly approach towards every girl.

How to approach girls is always a question of confidence rather than choice and it is left to the men that they would approach every other girl they like. Approaching a girl should not be considered any exercise rather it should be dealt naturally and in the most positive manner.

You should always look to come across as a gentleman and approach should be simple, nice and cordial.  Forcing you HI’s or Hello’s on the girl is strictly prohibited and you should exercise patience and self control. The most important thing is to make sure that you do not end up embarrassing her and little bit of eye contact and reading positive signs may help you to avoid the situation.

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