How To Attract A Man’s Attention?

When a woman finds her type of a guy she feels like she is floating in the clouds, flying high up in the sky, she wants to touch the stars and shout out loud to the world, “yeah!! This is him.” But what if this feeling is only one sided and the guy on the other end is taking her very lightly. In such cases, a woman starts working hard to attract him towards her. But what I believe working too hard can create problems rather than making things perfect for you. You need to go slow down and adopt certain tips to get him attracted to you.

Smile and work out with an eye contact

Put a smile on your face and stare at him now and then. Try to make an eye contact with him. Staring now and then is one of the foremost features to let the guy of your dreams know that you are interested in him. But do not exceed a certain limit.

Dress well and make yourself look good

Men are always visual when it comes to the attraction of the woman. Dress in such a manner that you seem quite appealing to him. Choose your color combinations sensibly. Dress elegantly; it should not be vulgar. Moreover, usually high heels are liked by the man. But again do not overdo yourself.

Keep your makeup and hair in order

After the selection of an eye-catching outfit, next comes the makeup. There is no need to pile it up on your face. Keep it light, simple and decent.

Choose your hairstyle according to the texture of your hair and your face cut. It should not be overdone that it starts looking cheap or awful.

Don’t forget to smell fantastic

Men notice when you smell good. Use deodorant and sprays to make you feel fresh as well as attractive to the guy through your fragrance. Each time you pass by, your fragrance should get him to stop for once or at least makes yourself noticeable to him.

Try to be seen in the same place

Bump into him every once in a while to make yourself prominent in from of him. It might be in a gym or a cafeteria. Talking to each other is not necessary, but your intentions should be such that if he does not find you around sometimes, he misses your absence.

Show your availability

Drop out a few signs through your actions that you are interested in him. Try to create a conversation to let him know that you are single and available on the weekends. Signal a sign of liking and make him curious about it. This curiosity may lead him to fall for you.

Be Mysterious

Make him want to know about you more. Arouse the inquisitiveness of knowing about you in him. Create interest. Tell him about your hobbies and the thing that attracts you the most. Do not say it all at once. Go slow and let him ask questions from you.

So after attracting him via your looks and smile, your dressings and style, creating the conversation between you two and showing your interest, now what are you waiting for? Make him fall for you and start a happy love life together.

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