3 Ways You Can Avoid Being In The Friend Zone

Most guys simply don’t get it. They're bewildered when they act delicately. Considerate and decent when they initially meet a lady, then get included in her friend zone — that dead zone where women reveal to you their issues and cry on your shoulder yet won't much consider dating you.

In case you're a man, who for the most part winds up in the friend zone, here's a reminder; your sensitive, polite, honest behavior does nothing to make a woman get attracted to you.

1. Quit Making Excuses
When you initially meet a girl, don't hide the reason that you're approaching date her. Don’t ask her to borrow her car or her phone, help her carry her bags, and so on. All these acts are what make a woman to taking you as a friend. If you want to make a woman attracted to you, you have to come across her as a dating material right at the beginning. You can achieve this by being direct with her. Make her feel charmed, enraptured, and intrigued right away, rather that behaving and doing things that will make her think that you are a great friend to have in her life.

2. Show Her You Have A Life
Most guys while approaching a woman feel a bit shy and needy. It’s perfectly reasonable and okay. Though, this makes women think that it’s a beautiful and cute act, it makes them believe that you're just a good friend. This is the reason it's imperative to demonstrate a lady immediately that, despite your shyness, that you have a life.

Tell them you want to have some fun with them, and if she’s interested in you, let her go. You have a life, so just move on. Don’t think about making her a friend. An excellent way to get this done is not to ask a woman at all for a date. Convey her that you’ve plans, and if she’s interested, she can join. Make sure you don’t get overboard which might get you rejected. Also, don't continue endlessly about where you'll take a lady on a great date, and how much she's going to enjoy spending time with you. All of this just creates clumsiness, awkwardness, and resistance. So, stop doing it.

3. Don't Delay To “Make Your Move” Unnecessarily
If you take a long time to make your move to a woman, you can get banished in her friend zone. It is one of the biggest mistakes most men do. This implies postponing “getting physical intimate” with her. When a guy does this, he sends two signs. One, he's not sure what he wants, and two, he's not ready in taking things any further. A woman will have no idea what you want until you show her. So, while walking on the street, put your hand lightly on her back. Hold her hand while crossing the road. Forget all odds and go in for that kiss. The most awful that can happen is that she pulls back. And after that, you know where you actually stand and can respond accordingly, which means that either, you continue dating her or you let her go, and you move on.

When you’re interested in a woman, don’t come up with reasons when you approach her. Don’t wait to show her you’re interested in her, show her you have a life, and you will end up being the person who gets the girl!

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