How To Be A Pro Kisser? Find The Answer By Reading Exclusive Kissing Tips For Guys

These days, every guy out there thinks that he is a good kisser. Sorry guys, you are wrong. Because the tantrums you spread while kissing a girl are simply disgusted. But don’t panic since here you will find exclusive kissing tips for guys recommended by experts and obviously, good kissers. Before moving to the kissing tips, firstly know that kissing a girl is a natural phenomenon. It is the first step in building a relationship. Kissing happens naturally, you can’t stop yourself when your heart says to kiss your girl. Kissing is something that can’t be explained in words. Though, kissing is natural, but you must have to be aware of few most important kissing tips which are given below.

Take care of your oral hygiene along with physical hygiene

If you are with your girlfriend then it is most important to have a good oral hygiene as she can ask you to kiss her at any moment. Make sure that you have brushed your teeth before kissing your girlfriend. Kissing a girl with fresh breath leaves a great impact on her. If you are going on a date then avoid eating foods like onion etc. Moreover, you can chew a gum to make your breath fresh and fine. It was seen that bad breath kisses ruin the whole kissing process. Nowadays, many breath freshening gums are available in order to fresh the breath just before kissing.

Also, never insert your tongue too far in your girlfriend’s mouth. You must have to be calm with the tongue. If you are kissing a girl for the first time then avoid using your tongue while kissing. Not only oral hygiene, but also maintain a refreshing body. You can use fragrances to smell fresh. Take a bath before going on a date.  These kissing tips for guys will definitely help you in all the ways.

Look for privacy

If you are on a date with your partner then you might need to kiss at any instance therefore select a less crowded location. Kissing a girl in front of a crowd is an awkward moment for you as well as your girlfriend. Since, kissing is the first step of sex therefore while kissing, be sure that you are at such place where you can play further sex games without any hindrance. If you and your girlfriend are in your friends company then excuse them for a moment to kiss your partner. Always remember that kissing in front of people is not an issue till your partner is not serious about you.

Don’t ask for permission

Common guys, make it happen naturally. This is another important kissing tips for guys. Never, ever ask for permission to kiss your girl. Kissing depends on your luck. If a girl is interested in kissing you then she doesn’t stop otherwise she will pull herself away from you.

If you still do not have a girlfriend, you can explore the web to know how to get a girlfriend and enjoy getting into a relationship.

Close your eyes

Yes, close your eyes and let yourself to swim in the kissing passion. Kissing a girl with open eyes is simply weird and disgusting. While kissing your girlfriend, if your eyes are open your girlfriend will think that you are not interested and enjoying. So, always close your eyes. Make yourself completely comfortable while kissing your girlfriend. Also, don’t try to control yourself, go with the moment.

Start slowly and go for long

If you really want to experience the real kissing then start kissing slowly. This is one of the most common kissing tips for guys recommended by almost every good kisser. While kissing slowly, you can experience the real romance. But before kissing, make sure that your mouth is not full of saliva. If it is so try to swallow it. Never, push your girl too hard while kissing her. Don’t apply force on your partner while kissing her. Try to make your kissing passion soft so that you can kiss your girl in a mature and respectful manner.

Avoid awkward positions

For a perfect kiss, you need to go closer to your partner. Make sure you both are in the same position while kissing. Mostly, standing posture is better for kissing because you can easily lean your partner in any direction. Along with this, while kissing your girlfriend use your hands. You can experience a unique kiss if you are also using your hand. If you are kissing a girl for first time then you can touch her face or neck or use your hand to hold her tightly. If your girl is uncomfortable by your touch then remove your hand gently. Do not go for awkward positions as it might ruin the moment and spoil your kiss.

Definitely all above kissing tips will work in your case. But always remember that kiss a girl with passion so that she can’t deny you. Most of the guys these days are always asking the same question that how to flirt with girls and how to get a girlfriend in high school. If you are also one of them then you are at the right place since below you will find few tips on flirting with a girl and how to ask a girl to be your girlfriend.

  • Compliment a girl with funny and cute lines, names etc.
  • Try to impress a girl by using love and relationship emoticons
  • Show a girl that she is special for you
  • Compliment her regarding her dress, attitude or beauty
  • Show a girl that you are interested in her

If you use above mentioned tips then you will definitely get a girl friend. If you want to know that whether a girl is interested in you or not then look for below mentioned Signs a Girl is Interested in You.

  • Starts talking to you at every instance
  • Starts caring about you
  • Asks to you for number exchange
  • Frequently Calls or texts you

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