How To Be Sure That She is Interested in You?

It sometimes gets really tricky to tell what a girl thinks of you, and this very reason becomes a great hurdle in you making the move of asking her out. Obviously, you don’t want to embarrass yourself and get rejected by her. Therefore, it is important that you are sure if she is interested in you as well. This article is going to talk about the few signs that will help you understand the hints that girls give to tell the guys that they are interested in them.

#1 She makes an effort to be around you

Despite her busy schedule and hectic routine, she somehow manages to take some time out and texts you to meet up during that. If you find her around you most of the time then this is a clear sign that there is something special that she has for you.

#2 She touches you

This is a big hint because girls usually like to maintain their physical distance with a guy. But, if a girl shows that she is comfortable around you by either hugging you or keeping her arm around you, then all this signals her interest in you.

#3 She buys you gifts

Girls are not the type that they will buy gifts for a guy that they are not sure of. Girls are usually thoughtful with their gifts and surprises, so whenever they make an effort, it is understood that you have a special place in her heart.

#4 She compliments you

Complimenting definitely, means that she likes you. In fact, it further gives the surety that it is not just your personality but also your physical appearance that she is fond of.

#5 She asks questions

Asking questions is another way of showing interest. She will show care towards your life, and all that happens with you. Being more considerate, she might even ask questions about your family and friends which means that she has a good amount of interest in you and everything that relates to you.

#6 She flirts with you

This is probably the most distinct signal, and you will be a fool not to understand it. If at any point in time a girl tries to get flirty then you should definitely ask her out, if not on a proper date then definitely for a drink pronto.

#7 She flirts with other guys

This may seem like cheating, but it is not. Not at all! She is just trying to get your attention and in fact, make you jealous. This again means that she wants you to get close to her and be all possessive about her because yes, she is interested in you.

#8 She has made it clear that she in single

This is like giving a green signal loud and clear. No girl would want to unveil her relationship status of being single to another guy unless and until they want him to approach them. So act smart, put all the puzzle pieces together and pop the question of taking her out on a date.

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