How To Change Your Life and Start Attracting Women

You can never force someone to like you but you can always create the circumstances where that person is inclined to do so. Women are surely difficult to impress but if you work the other way round to get their attraction, then the chances are pretty good. These 7 ways will teach you how you can challenge her to get attracted towards you.

#1-Build your own life

No one will like unless you like your own self. This rule applies here perfectly where you should try to put value in your life and make it interesting. Your life should be such that the other women is attracted enough to join you in that and experience all the fun.

#2-Give her space

Too much of anything is not good. You need to make sure that you are not always around her and during that time away, she realizes your presence and even start to miss you. You also need to establish that you can be busy with your life and that you are not always available for her.

#3-Tell all your “stories”

It is always smart to let her know that your life I a lot more than just her and that you have a good social circle as well. Tell her all the funny and interesting stories where she enjoys a laugh but at the same time comes to the realization of how lively a person you are. Everything would be a lot better if those stories involve some of your female friends as well; a little jealousy is never too bad.

#4-Dodge her questions

Women can be really nosy about your life. They will try their best to get all the information out but you need to keep your head strong and make sure that you don’t answer all of it. Keep the mystery and keep her wondering about a lot of things.

#5-Miss her occasionally

You can’t really risk losing her by showing attitude 24/7. You need to make her realize that she matters and that will be done when you occasionally send her a cute “missing you” message. This will make her fall in love with you all over again and will keep the spark alive.

#6-Tease her!

Teasing has always been a woman’s emotional fantasy because they love dealing with that but sadly not all guys know when or how to do it. Teasing becomes a strong game because it creates that sexual tension and mystery of what exactly would come next. If men can ace this game of teasing, they surely can keep her interest living for long.

#7-Challenge her at any game

Women like challenges and naturally feel bound to ace at it. You can challenge her at a game and you will literally feel the positive tension or sexual tension building up that will enhance the whole experience. Despite the fact whoever wins, if the game has been played well, the girl will always remember it.

These ways are guaranteed to get a positive and long lasting response from the woman, if and only if done with perfection.


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