How to Deal If Someone Gives Mixed Messages

One of the most common complaints couples have to deal with their partners is when one of the potential partners sending out mixed signals. For example, you had a great date, and he said he would call you soon, but it turned out that he didn’t. You had a growing relationship, but all of a sudden, it turned cold, and he started to act distant. Sound familiar?

Here are eleven ways to deal with your potential partner, when he or she begins to send mixed signals. So, the next time you see yourself in a situation like this, try to recall the following:

1. Don’t predict anything or reach to conclusions. We, as humans, try to find out or read into anything that we find concerning or curious about. But, we can’t be sure what going on a person’s head or what he or she is thinking about. Therefore, don’t waste too much energy on wondering what is happening on other person’s head. When the time is right, you’ll know.

2. Don’t take mixed signals personally. Your date sending out mixed signals has nothing to do at a personal level. So, try to resist the urge to blame yourself when things do go as expected.

3. Don’t force or keep nagging your date when he or she gives out mixed signals. Back off and give some breathing space.

4. Believe what you’re told. Unless your intuition tells you something else, believe what your potential partner said. Allow your partner to experience the doubt and show trust – until the trust is no longer there.

5. Realize that the other person may have some personal issues to deal with. Your partner is confused because he or she might be dealing with pains from past relationships, fears, insecurities, or other life circumstances.

6. Don’t be demanding. It’s one of the bad habits you need manage if you want your relationship to last. So, when your partner didn’t call you, don’t call him back angrily and asking him questions like, ‘why did you call or what took you so long to text,' etc. This can contribute to the push-pull phenomenon, which is common in relationships; the more your partner for answers, the far he or she will go away.

7. Try to get a second opinion. If your date is sending out mixed signals, ask your friend to see what’s actually going on might be helpful.

8. Ensure your confusions aren’t contributing to the problem. If you feel vulnerable, it’s likely that you too may be sending out mixed signals. It’s this is the case; things can get even more complicated.

9. Be direct. Ask straightforward questions and don’t be pushy. If you’ve doubts, a few right questions may clear things quickly.

10. Remember, you’re responsible for you. Sure, you can’t control what your partner conveys to you, but you can control the way you react to them.

11. Boost your self-confidence. A high sense of self-assurance and confidence will help you to navigate all the ups and downs of your life. It will also make you look attractive and desirable to your future potential dates, in case your current one breaks up with you.

The bottom line is if you’re seeing someone new, and your date gives out mixed signals, try to talk about it. If the mixed messages persist, think if you can live with them, and decide when to walk away.

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