How to Deal With Breakup The Mature Way

The breakup should not be taken as an end to life; instead, it is that powerful time of your life when you can actually build all the positive energy to reboot your life. Women are thought to deal with breakups like a kid lying in bed and crying over and over. But, no! Time has changed, and there are plenty ways women can deal with the breakup in a mature and grown up way. Few of them are listed below;

#1- Immediately block him

You might think that this is an unimportant thing, but actually, when you see all his pictures and memories online it will really put you back in the past where getting back will become difficult than ever. So, it is only wise to make sure that he is far away from your social group where there is now way he can contact you or for you to see his face in any way.

#2- Avoid the “just friends” tag

There is a pretty high chance that the guy proposes to continue the relationship but staying friends only. The moment he brings it up, be sure to counter it with a clear no. Guys are emotionally stable and can handle the all friends situation with an ex pretty well, but for women, it is difficult as ever because every time they will talk to that guy or meet him, it will remind them of all the good memories that they had.

#3- Take your friends’ support

We all have our bad times, and we all get sad at some point in life. After a breakup too there will be urges where you would just want to get drunk and cry alone in your room. At those times it is better if you call one or two of your closest friends to share the pain with. Friends know how to make you feel normal, and they will only make that time better.

#4- Keep your phone away when you’re drunk

We are the most vulnerable when drunk. You never know when you might want to get all mushy and send a stupid text to your ex. So, if you want to deal with all the mature way, make sure that your phone is a little out of your reach while you are drunk.

#5- Get your workout game strong

Working out or indulging in some intense work routine will really help to direct all your aggression to the positive output. In addition to that, your body will feel nice and everything will feel fresh overall. Yoga, for instance, can be a lifesaver in such dramatic situations.

#6- Stay a free bird

Going out and meeting new people is always a fun experience to have. The more you busy yourself with recreations and outings, the less you will think about your breakup. If not much, then even 3 or 4 hours spent solely outside for fun will be of great help.

#7- Take it as a phase

This will perhaps be the most helpful mentally because you will be telling yourself that it was not something big and that things like these are bound to happen in everyone’s life. Think of it as a bad phase that has passed, and now you’re not supposed to think about it that much.

These seven ways will surely take you out from this bad breakup time and at the same time make you feel proud of yourself that you dealt it in a mature way.


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