How To Deal With People That Don’t Believe That You’re Single

It’s annoying and invasive of a person’s privacy when folks ask him or her questions like why are they still single, when they will get married, have kids and so on. It seems like everyone around us including our family members and friends always judge us because some of us aren’t in a relationship. Sometimes our friends and parents try to hook us with a blind date or pressure us to have a relationship, get married, and settle down. But, that’s a big mistake.

If you happen to be in a similar situation, here are five tips on how to deal with friends and family who are forcing us to end our single status, get married and start a family.

1. Nothing can be more important than your needs. Think and reach a decision what you want, and what’s best for you. Don’t get into a relationship or get married just because everyone else is doing it. Instead, have a relationship with someone who you love and like to spend time with.

2. If your family and friends are always bugging you to be in a relationship, instead of getting confrontational, let them know your stance. Communicate with them; tell them about your intentions, so they’ll leave you on your way. Explain the reasons why you feel this way and respond to their questions so they can understand your personality and thoughts.

3. Don’t get bent on peer pressure. There will always be folks who will continue having arguments with you and won’t leave you alone. This is where you need to put your words into action. No matter what don’t give in to their demands and arguments. Do what’s right for you and stand your ground. It’s your life, and you should allow someone else to tell you how to live your life.

4. Even after telling your friends and other acquaintances about your decision, if they still bother, perhaps you need to consider staying away from them. If your friends really like and care for you, then they need to be respectful and appreciative of you. No one likes to hang out with people who are forcing someone else something they don’t want to do.

5. Keep in mind; relationships and marriage aren’t contests that you need to win. There aren’t any consolation medals when it comes to relationships for participating. Getting married to the person who is incompatible and unhappy with, will take a toll on your happiness, mental health, emotional wellbeing, a career as well as your finances. So, take your time and have a relationship with someone that you feel happy and comfortable with. If your friends can’t be supportive, then it’s time you find friends who will.

Rushing for relationships and marriage is not a good idea. It’s you who have to make decisions, not your friends or family. It’s your life, and you should allow someone else to tell you what’s right and bad for your life especially when it comes to dating and relationship. Your friends and family may have the best intentions for your future well-being, but it’s entirely up to you to make all the important life decisions to be happy in the long-term.

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