How To Escape The Friend Zone – Some Tips That Can Be Of Help

Getting into the friend zone of a girl is simple for many men, but on the other hand getting out of it without hurting her feelings can be a haunting experience for many men, especially when they like that girl. One of the most complex situations for a person is being the friend of a girl whom he likes very much, but she thinks of him just as a friend of her. Getting into the friend zone is the easiest way of getting close to a girl, but many men fail to get out of that friend zone. A friend zone is a situation where a person who is in a friendship starts to develop more intense feelings towards that person and wants to become more than just a friend. Being stuck in a friend zone is very irritating sometimes. So, finally the question arises how to escape friendzone.

Accept the situation and make your efforts: You are having some problem in getting out of her friend zone. You should not beg to her to at least give you a chance so that you can prove yourself that you are worthy enough. She has made her decision that she just wants to be friend with you. In that case, you must not lower your confidence. Women do like to receive the attention from men if it’s more than just a friend. In this case, do the opposite of it. Instead of giving attention to her, you must concentrate on your looks and personality. You can achieve what you want by putting less focus on her. Instead you can focus more on yourself. Try to avoid her. Doing so will make her crazy and she would definitely want to know about the reason behind it.

Do not let her treat you as a boyfriend: Many women make men to crave for them. They enjoy their attention to the fullest as it makes them feel like a queen. In the same way, if you want a girl to dream about yourself, then do not let her treat you like a boyfriend. This kind of situation may look bad at first sight, but it will definitely help you to gain more attractiveness towards each other. Doing so will make her feel like she is incomplete without you. Winning the heart of a person can also be done by staying on the other side rather than staying on her side. If you act like a boyfriend she will definitely accept you as her boyfriend. If you treat her like a friend, then she will consider you as a friend. So, at last do not let her treat you like a boyfriend until and unless you think that now is the right time to be her boyfriend. Doing so will help you if you are thinking how to escape friendzone.

Spend time with her doing regular things: Don’t ask her out for a date, instead invite her to your house to do some friendly things. Choose such a thing or activity that you can do on your own without her help. You can ask her out to go for shopping. Going out on shopping can help you in many ways. First ask her help in choosing the perfect clothing for yourself. She will think of you and will be happy from inside that you have asked for her help. She would also offer her help in selecting the clothes for you. Secondly, it is a great chance for you to accidently show off your well toned body to her. This kind of situation will definitely leave her thinking about you in a physical contrast. Try to show your sexuality but always remember to be in the limit and comfort zone. Do not try to cross those limits as it will make you look like a bad person.

Flirting: Flirting is the part which makes you different and you move on from being a friend to being a boyfriend. Flirting is considered as great to catch the attention of the girl. Try to flirt with her in a sexual way while maintaining the comfort level for her. Sexual attraction is must from being a friend to being a boy friend. You can tease her or you can simply compliment her. But try to relate your compliments to the sexual desires such as you can compliment her on the perfume she uses. Perfume is considered as a sensual object. Avoid asking personal questions related to her. There are chances that she may misunderstand and it can be the cause of some problem in your relationship. Healthy flirting can really help you out in How to escape friendzone?

Touch her more often: You can also use some sensual tricks on her to know her feelings which are buried deep inside of her heart. You can touch her from time to time, but make sure it must be a done in a healthy way so that she doesn’t feel offended by your touch. You can touch her hands, shoulders in a sensual but appropriate manner. You must pay attention closely to her face expressions while you were touching her. Doing so will make you get to know that whether she likes your touch or she really hates it when you touch her. You can repeat the process for many days and notice her that whether she admires your touch or not. While you are doing this, you must also monitor her attitude towards yourself. Pay attention to her facial expressions whenever she looks at you. If she looks at you in a different way that means she also wants to be more than just a friend of you. The possible signs that a girl shows that she is interested in becoming more than just a friend with you are she herself touches you, starts flirting with you, notices your body, get jealous when to talk to other people etc.

These tips on how to escape friendzone proves to be the best for those who are willing to express their love

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