4 Steps to Feel More Confident on First Dates

Most of lack high self-esteem and confidence while going on dates, and yet these qualities are the most sought after by most men and women when looking for dates. Many of us lack confidence and self-depreciate because we are scared of getting rejected. They’re afraid that they would remain alone and no one will fall in love with them. Consequently, we find ourselves not enjoying our dates and the whole thing turns awkward.

But, there is a way to feel more confident on dates and overcoming our fears of getting rejected. Here are four simple ways:

Step one; visualize a part of your life where you feel the most confident and not afraid of rejection. It can be your career where you can sell anyone anything they want, or maybe it’s your creative side, where your artworks get sold out within a few minutes. Some men and women feel more confident in the gym or while playing a sport, where they can easily tell what type of exercise will be most useful for them or which game plan will make them win matches. Think about all areas of your life that you feel the most confident. Now while going to your date, close your eyes and visualize yourself in those places in your mind that you’re the most confident.

Step Two: now that you’ve thought about all the places that make you confident ask yourself why do you feel so confident in those areas? Most will tell that you believe in the product or service you’re selling or advertising, you believe in your talent or in the ideas or knowledge you possess. You actually think that your talent, your products, your services, your ideas, or knowledge will have a positive impact on someone and change his or her life.

Step Three: you know what areas in your life you feel most confident and why, now ask yourself, how do you feel when you get rejected in that or those areas? If you get rejected in that part of your life, you don’t think of it as a loss or a failure. You somehow start to think that maybe that product, service or experience wasn’t appropriate for him or her, or it’s simply not right for them. You think that the rejection doesn’t reflect who you really are. It’s never a reflection of you. Ultimately, you will fail if you don’t try it or you’re simply afraid to give it another chance thinking that you’ll fail or get rejected again.

Step Four: Now that you all of thoughts and fears figured out, apply that belief to yourself before heading to your date. While you’re on your way to your date, think about all the parts or areas of your life that you feel the most alive and confident, and turn those beliefs inwards. Think about all the positive effects you can have on that’s man or woman’s life. Be confident and start believing in yourself that this date will change your and the others person’s life. This may sound a little bold, but it’s true nonetheless. The other person with you in date can become your partner, and this can change both of your lives, simply because there was no fear.

Lack of confidence and fear is the main reason why we have bad dates, rejection and relationship problems. So, if you want to find someone new, flirt with someone, or just want to make your partner happy in the bed and the relationship, be more confident and let go of the fear.

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