How to Figure Out What Went Wrong on Your Date

We all have high hopes and good intentions while going on dates. We look forward our dates will be exciting, fun, and expect something much bigger and important will take place. Well, we live in an imperfect world, dates go bad, and we fail to meet our expectations. There many reasons why a date may turn bad and the most common ones are maybe you, and your date just didn’t click, had no chemistry, perhaps you were too nervous and so forth.

So how do you get over after a dissatisfying date? Read on:

1. Try to pinpoint what went wrong. Often, dates become bad when one of the dates is late, and one or both people were tired and preoccupied with something else. If you find out the reasons your date went bad, it will help not to repeat these things, when you go on a new date.

2. Don’t give up or pass your date so quickly. Some of the great and long-lasting relationships took off with a bad start. Let the dust settle and give your date sometime. If you realize that there is a potential in this relationship, despite the bad start, then give it a second chance.

3. Find out if mutual compatibility was an issue. There is a possibility that you had a bad date because both of you didn’t have the same energy, sense of humor, communication style, same interests and so on. Finding these qualities early on will help you on your future dates.

4. Sometimes dates go bad both parties are immensely nervous, and expectations were very high. It can cause both you and your date to start off the date with the wrong foot and create a bad impression.

5. Be responsible for your role. If your date didn’t take off as expected, then take some responsibility on your part why went wrong on the date. It can’t be that your date was responsible for the lackluster date all along.

6. If you need to apologize – apologize. Maybe you said something offensive or hurtful or passed on an insensitive remark. Maybe you didn’t give the other person full attention or forgot some manners. If that’s the situation, there’s nothing wrong in acknowledging the mistakes.

7. Don’t be too hard or blame yourself or the other person for the lackluster date. If the date didn’t work out, it only didn’t work out. It’s a part of the dating process. Don’t take it personally. You and your partner might be tempted that maybe there’s something wrong with both of you, but it’s not.

8. Showcase your sense of humor. Your ability to laugh at yourself and the bad date experience itself is an important source of energy.

9. Boost your courage. A wrong date might rob you of your enthusiasm and excitement to go on dates. Don’t give up on yourself, and who knows your next date will find the greatest one you will have!

Human natures are imperfect. Acknowledge imperfection as part of the dating process. Few dates, even the best ones hardly go flawlessly, and almost so-called great dates are full of flaws. So, lighten up, stop blaming yourself, get out in the dating scene, find someone you like and don’t ever get obsessed with being a perfectionist.

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