How to Find Out if Men are Intimidated By You

If you’re sharp, successful, powerful woman looking for a relationship, this won’t come as a surprise to most people when you say that men are intimidated by you. Most people think men aren’t attracted to women who earn more than them or are powerful and confident than them. Though, this might sound acceptable to some people the reality is much more complicated and isn’t true. So, what is the inside scoop you might ask?

Well, ladies, guys are not intimidated by your success. In fact, they love and admire that you are successful. They admire and are appreciative of accomplishments and ambition. What they dislike is the masculine attitude or energy that you bring in the table when you become successful. Men already have that within themselves. They certainly don’t want any more of it from their women. Most guys want a match who is ladylike, nurturing, kind, feminine, caring and easy-going lady. They hardly care which college did you graduated, how many degrees you have, how much academically accomplished you are, how much money you make a year, or how many desserts you can make.

Often successful women who are still single, ask their relationship therapists to suggest them what can they do to make them feel wanted and desirable to men. Well, the answer is quite evident. You see men are simple and straightforward. All they want from their girlfriends or dates to feel like they are MEN. That’s it. So, whether you are a top-notch female attorney, CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a highly paid investment banker deep inside – you are a woman after all. So, while dating brings the woman out of you, showcase your feminine side, get in touch with your softer side and bring that alluring and Irresistible feminine energy to the dinner table.

So, what can you do to let your feminine energy all the talking on a date? Here are ten tips.

1. After work, go home and change into something feminine. Now, get ready for your date. Don’t ever wear your office clothes.
2. Dress to impress and like a lady. Wear soft colors, light makeup, and a dress or a skirt, and heels.
3. Don’t choose the restaurant. Allow the man to do it. He will appreciate it; even the restaurant he picked it’s not your favorite.
4. Don’t discuss work on the date.
5. Be a good listener. Don’t argue with something he said that you disagree. Sometimes agreeing to disagree can do wonders.
6. Allow the man to lead like giving orders, hailing the cab, opening the doors and so on.
7. Let your guard down and be yourself.
8. Be warm and genuine, and smile.
9. Be thankful and appreciative. Thank him for taking you on a dinner date, choosing such an excellent restaurant, and planning such a beautiful date. Don’t hesitate to tell him that you really enjoyed the date, and he did a good job.
10. Let the man pursue you. Don’t send him a text, email or call him after the date. If he’s looking for a girlfriend and interested in you, you will hear from him pretty soon!

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