How to Find out if You’re Dating an Emotionally Unstable Person

A romantic partner should be willing and emotionally available to have a relationship with you. If he or she is unavailable or is unable to connect to their partners emotionally, then this isn’t the person you should keep dating.

Men and women, sometimes, confusingly get attracted to unavailable, commitment-deficient people, because they find it hard to ignore the strong emotional or sexual chemistry involved in it. The attraction can be so alluring and rare that, many mistakes it for intensity rather than intimacy. You make compromises that you won’t consider under normal circumstances to give the relationship a chance. Nonetheless, whether you have or don’t have a connection, you should think carefully to determine if the person you’re interested at if capable of intimacy or emotionally available.

For a relationship to be healthy there must be a connection between two people. Even if your intuition convinces you that there is a connection, things can still go unrealized. Just because the person you date felt like a soul mate during the initial days of dating, doesn’t mean that he or she is going to be your soul mate forever. No matter, how mind-blowing or amazing your soul mate is, there is no guarantee that he or she will feel the same emotional connection with you. You can fall in love with someone who is totally not right for you. Sometimes, reality can be very unfair and perplexing.

Don’t put your love life on hold, just because you can’t be with someone you desire. Love that is destined for you will be realized one day. So, how can you prevent yourself from romantically getting entangled in delusional relationships, when you realize that the person isn’t that one you expected?

For starters, here are ten red flags of emotionally unavailable people to keep an eye for:

      1. They’re already in a relationship or married to someone else.


      2. They’re emotionally repellent, closed off and can’t cope with conflict.


      3. They’re primarily interested in sex, and not interested to be connected with someone emotionally or spiritually.


      4. Most emotionally unavailable individuals are chronic alcoholics, drug or sex addicts.


      5. They’re interested in long-distance relationships, texting and emailing.


      6. They don’t like to introduce you to their family and friends.


      7. They’re sneaky, deceptive, tired or frequently working. They disappear without any notice for weeks or months.


      8. Most of them are narcissists. They’re only thoughtful about their wants and needs, not you or others.


      9. They’re seductive when you’re around, but don’t make any solid promises. Also, their words and behavior don’t align most of the time.


    10. Unavailable men and women trick you that they can be romantic and emotionally loving when you get close to them, they withdraw.

At first, some of these signs might be more evident or tricky than others. It’s common as we tend to be at our best during the honeymoon stages of a romantic relationship. Over time, your partner's real personality will emerge. If you desire a truly loving, intimate, emotionally and sexually fulfilling relationship, avoid being involved with someone who is incapable of reciprocating your emotions and feelings.

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