Relationship Turmoil? This is How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Relationships flourish with love and affection. It requires efforts that continue to be sustainable. Not only a just building; keeping the relationship alive, strong and healthy is one significant fact and truth that cannot be denied. Relationships are very delicate and precious. At one hand it requires endless efforts, and on the other, it can take just a few moments to be shattered and lost.

Sometimes relationships reached to the point where you are not sure about what to do about it especially when you are still determining its worth. Relationships are sometimes broken on petty issues or misunderstanding. Taking a clear vision of the cause, “misunderstanding”; it clearly reveals the lack of communication between the partners.

Relationships start blindly. You meet, attracted to each other and decide to move together. It further proceeds on trust, understanding, compromises and forgiveness. When we talk about the break ups, it is mainly caused due to misunderstandings and lack of tolerance. However, if possible and if you see that the relationship was worthwhile, give it a try again.

Let us go through certain suggestions which might help you out in fixing back you relationship

Analyze and understand the reason for the breakup

The utmost point is to know the cause of the breakup. What was the reason? What had happened? Where has the mistake been made?

What I believe if this analysis is done mutually, it would be easy for the couple to understand and clear all misunderstandings to set things back to normal again.

Active communication is the key to resolving any issue

Sit and discuss. Explain the situation to each other. Lack of communication and long ignored topics usually form the basis of break ups. An active and healthy communication can resolve it. Listen carefully to each other with an open mind. Take it positively rather than critically. Do not start opposing your partner or indulge in any arguments. You are here to settle things neither making it worst.

Change requires

Everyone changes with the passage of time. Bring out positive changes in yourself which are acceptable and liked by the partner. Try to eliminate that behavior from your life that has taken you to the level of break up. Change does not mean that you have to change each other entirely; it simply means to change yourself to the extent to get along with each other in a better way and carry on a satisfying relationship.

Forgiving is miraculous

Once the issue has been sort out, forgive your partner. Do not prolong the problems and clear your heart. If you are going to keep it in your heart, then it can cause the basis of another breakup. Smile!! And start a new life.

If you are the primary guilty figure of this cause, then accept your mistake immediately and change your behavior to have a strong and healthy relationship in future.

Renewal of the commitment

Once everything is resolved, make a new resolution and take decisions. Avoid repeating the mistakes. Be consistent in fulfilling your commitments for a warm and healthy relationship.


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