How To Flirt With A Girl Online – Tips Of Consideration?

Online chatting can be a fun filled time pass to do. It can be more interesting if you are chatting with a girl. Chatting comprises of flirting also. It is like two faces of a single coin. Chatting with a girl online is a very simple thing to do than doing it in real life. Many boys or men fell short of words to attract the girl towards themselves. How to flirt with a girl online is not that much serious question as it may seem. Many people chat online with each other on a daily basis by using various messaging services. There are many websites and social sites which offer the feature of chatting. So, all you have to do is to go out there and start having some chats with girls online. If you are having some difficulties and don’t know how to flirt with a girl online then you might consider following points to overcome your difficulties.

Start your conversation: The first step towards how to flirt with a girl online is getting your conversation right and light with the girl. A small greeting message saying “Hey girl” or “hey stranger” will do it for you. Try to make it short and attractive. If the girl is also interested in chatting with you she will also send you a reply. You can carry forward your conversation by asking her about anything such as profile picture, or photos from some place, or some event of her life. Ask her such questions which she can answer back to you rather than just saying yes or no. Try to ask detailed questions which have a detailed answer. This will provide you with the situation of chatting more with her.

Let her also talk: Many people like to talk when it is easy to talk. Easy topics are good for chatting rather than complex topics. Ask her questions and carefully listen to what she is answering. Don’t keep on firing back to back questions; let her also ask some questions from you. Sharing of questions and answers will increase your bonding and she will also feel comfortable while talking to you.

Timely respond: Try to respond to all the conversations that take place between both of you. Doing this will make her feel that you are interested in talking to her. Girls don’t like to wait for your replies or leaving them in the middle of the conversation can be very harmful to you. If you want to have online conversation with the girl then chat with her, otherwise don’t chat with her. If you will ignore her messages, she will also do the same for you. Also, the girls are very sensitive when it comes to hurting their feelings. Ignoring her message will make her feel that you don’t want to chat with her. This may hurt her feelings.

Flirt with emoticons: You can also flirt with her by using the emoticons in your chat. Emoticons are also used to express the feeling using the funny way. There are many emoticons that can be used to express your feeling as well as can be used in a funny way. Don’t use too many emoticons in your chat as this will make you look like a child in front of her. Use them at the right place by grabbing the right timings.

Don’t try anything fancy: If you want to flirt with her and make her attract towards yourself then try not to do or say anything fancy or inappropriate. She wants to meet the real you and also wants to see the real side of you. Genuine connections are made on genuine grounds. Don’t try to show off your power or money or anything else. The more you will talk about yourself or promote yourself up from her, the more easily she will leave you. Chat in the same way as you talk normally to other people. You don’t need to make yourself sound smart as doing this can make you look childish and awkward.

Know what to say: It is important to think twice before having a conversation. Flirting is very similar to having a conversation with your friends or colleagues but in more of a funny way. Don’t try to make them feel special. Chat with her just like as if you are having a conversation with a new friend. If you fall short of ideas or chats you can take some help from the internet. Send her funny video or funny animations that can once again start your conversations. Online flirting is a time taking process so don’t expect for the same day result. You need to move things in a forward direction but with a slow pace.

Maintain a common ground: Try to keep your conversations and thinking on the same ground rather than talking on some topic which she has no idea about. A conversation always moves forward when both the bases are at same ground and at equal level. If you don’t find anything common on which both of you can talk. Try to talk on something simple but imaginative such as what would be your dream place to visit. This type of conversation will make her think and answer you accordingly. By doing this you will be able to start your conversation once again.

Compliment her: Many men use compliments as their most powerful weapon towards flirting with a girl. A girl can remember you for years on giving her a good compliment. Girls love to receive compliments from boys. Pick something interesting about her which you actually liked and give her compliments on those things. But don’t compliment her too much otherwise she will get to use of it and giving compliments will not amaze her anymore.

Share your daily happenings:  You can also share some of your funny moments with her that happened. Sharing these funny happenings can start your conversations as well as increase your bonding with each other.

These are some of the useful tips which can answer the question of how to flirt with a girl online.

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