How To Flirt With A Guy Without Really Flirting?

Flirting is one such skill that every girl does not possess, neither do every girl is interested in. But if you want to be that girl who can get every guy he likes then you need to follow some flirting tips to maneuver a guy.

When we talk about men, no matter what their age is, they love the idea of pleasing and appealing every woman. Guys are always excited about flirting with a girl but then again they cannot flirt with every girl they meet unless and until they receive a green signal from her.

How to Flirt with a Guy?

Flirting with guys is simple. All you need is to read their minds and make them feel that you are warm and approachable. They may think twice, but in the end, they start playing their flirty moves even though they are committed to someone.

You must know this little secret that men are always ready to flirt around. So by just practicing the following simple, flirty tips, you don’t have to make the first move. These steps will make him attracted to you and will compel him to make the first move.

Smile and Blush:

Men like women full of life and positivity. Stay happy and laugh when you two are having the conversation. Don’t act rude or pass on arrogant comments to make him feel bad about you. Men avoid such women even though they find them cute and attractive.

Keep a smile on your face during communication. Blush when he compliments. That blushing and smiling twinkling eye will make his heart skip a beat.

Complimenting and thanking him:

Whether a guy or a girl, everyone loves to be praised. Complimenting means that you have noticed something nice in him and that will butter up him. Moreover be grateful to him if he is courteous, say thank you with a big warm smile.

Acknowledging him will make him work even more hard to please you, thus flirting more to grasp your attention.

Stare into his eyes:

While having a conversation, stare deep into his eyes with a warm smile. This might confuse him but will be beneficial in melting his heart.

Facial Expressions:

Learn to impress the guy with the use of your eyes and expressions. Work on your expressions by practicing in front of the mirror. Learn to make pleasant conversation along with the perfect use of your facial expressions like fluttering eyes and warm smiles.

Touch him now and then:

Touching makes men want you more. Touching his hand, arm or on the shoulder will make him more comfortable and open to talk to and flirt around with you. You can see how easy it will become for a guy to flirt with you.

Be Girly:

Men always like taking the lead. So if you want the guy to flirt with you make him feel like he can protect and secure you. You do not need to act like a school girl but let him take the lead to be attracted to you more.

So make your guy feel special with your warm smiles, flirty touch, facial expressions and compliments, and hence you will find him flirting with you within no time.


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