How To Follow Up After The First Date?

So finally you had your first date with the one you liked or attracted to. The hard part is over now, and the height and intensity of your anxiety must have reduced. You will feel the change in your communication level and style. The way you talked before your first date was different than the way you are going to continue in this relationship.

A lot of conflicting queries must be popping up in your mind making you confused and irritated. Who is going to call first? Who is going to text first? How, when, what is going to happen next? And many other contradictory thoughts. To get the answers to your reservations, read out the following well-written details.

What happens on the first date?

Before moving any further, first take into consideration the time you two spent together. Was it worth spending together? What was the comfort level between you two? Did you have an appealing conversation and showed respect for each others’ opinions, ideas, and interests? And finally how well it ended up? Peek into your heart and mind to get a clear picture of your First Date.

When should you Text?

This is the question everyone is craving to know about? When and who should text first?  Different perceptions and rules had been set and followed but what I believe if you feel like texting right after you both took your paths, just do it. Appreciate and be thankful for having such an enjoyable evening. There is simply nothing wrong with it. You can wish good night or tell to drive safely. Doing something like this shows your care and politeness.

Should you call first?

Well, who is supposed to call first? If I were at your place, I would follow my heart. If I feel like calling and talking, I do not mind at all to take the step. Again I would say, there is no need to feel shy about it. Do not hold back your feelings, say it out and express yourself.

What should you discuss?

Talking becomes easier and convenient after your first meet up. Conversations after your first date show more closeness and intimacy as compared to the times spent talking before. However, positive suggestions are mentioned to blow your mind and increase your confidence level.

  • Things you appreciated about that night: Talk about the time you spent on your first date. Appreciate the conversation you both had, the food and the lovely memories you made together. Whatever you liked the best about that night, share and be glad about it.
  • Ask about the next date: Although there is no need to ask about it immediately, if you do then it takes nothing at all. If the signal goes green, then prepare yourself for the second one. If not, then this explains that there is the possibility of not meeting up again.
  • Talk about other than the date: It is a conversation and thus it can be about anything. It is not necessary that you only have to converse about the first date. You can discuss and share whatever you feel like.

It is quite stressful as well as it may seem the excitement is high after the first date. Be yourself and do not over do or work extremely hard in trying to work it out somehow or the other. Relax and act maturely and sensibly. Be confident and enjoy the time with the person you truly like.

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