How To Get A Girl To Kiss You In High School – Some Effective Tips

Getting a girl to kiss you is a tricky task especially for a high school guy. You have to impress a girl and make her attracted towards you. Girls like to kiss only those guys whom they find impressive and attractive.  High school girls are different from older women.  They are not much emotionally developed. They are insecure regarding their decisions. They are more conscious about their self esteem. Older women think to have a long term relationship whereas high school girls just like to use relationship to make them feel good.

To impress a middle aged or older woman, you have to ensure her that you will stay with her and love her for lifelong. But you have to use some different techniques to impress a high school girl and to make her kiss you. If you want to know how to get a girl to kiss you in high school, you have to learn all these techniques-

  • Be popular among girls – High school girls like to date or kiss such a guy who is popular among girls. So, you have to be such a guy. If you are already a popular guy in your school, you can just show your interest towards a girl and you will get her. But if you are not a popular guy, you have to make yourself capable to gain popularity among high school girls. If you are a shy person just let go your shyness and hesitation and behave like a cool guy as high school girls mostly prefer to date cool guys. You should talk to every girl nicely. You have to be a helpful person also. If you behave like a cool guy, every high school girl will like to be your friend.
  • Impress her – Your personality and your attitude should be impressive enough to attract a girl. High school girls always pay more attention to what their close friends say. Even if they like you, they will first consult their friend and then approach you. So, you have to keep this in mind and do everything accordingly. You have to impress the girl whom you want to date as well as you have to impress her friends. If you know how to deal with girls, you can easily impress them.
  • Take her out – If you find that you have completely impressed her and she is showing interest in you, you can ask her for hang out. If she agrees to go then ask her about what she likes to do and where she will like to go with you. You should choose a place where she will feel comfortable with you and where you can kiss her comfortably. Don’t let your friends or relatives know about your plan as they might interrupt you. You can go with her to watch a movie. If you are going to a public place, avoid kissing openly at such places as she might not like it.
  • Stay kissable – If you want to learn how to get a girl to kiss you in high school, you first have to learn how to stay kissable. To stay kissable means to make yourself kiss ready. You know you are going to spend romantic time with a girl and you are going to kiss her so you must brush your teeth and take shower. Also, you should use perfume or deodorant to avoid body odor. You also have to check out your breathe. You can take mint to avoid bad breathe. You have to stay fresh to enjoy the moment.
  • Send her signals – To know how to get a girl to kiss you in high school, you must learn how to control your body language. With your behavior and body language, you have to send her signals that you want to kiss her. You should compliment her about her style and her looks. When you find her leaning in, just put your arm on or around her shoulder. You have to focus on making her kiss you so do everything accordingly. Come closer to her, look into her eyes and then start looking on her lips to let her know you are going to kiss her.
  • Accompany her for kissing- You must know how to kiss a girl in the right way if you want to learn how to get a girl to kiss you in high school. Open your mouth not too wide for kissing. Let your lips locked with her lips. If you feel she wants to get intense in kissing then start kissing her more deeply and passionately. Use your touch for deeper kissing. While kissing just hold her tightly into your arms.

Some useful tips

  • Before initiating the kiss, you should check your breadth. Avoid kissing if you have bad breadth and you don’t have mint or mouth freshener also. It is advised to keep a box of mints in your pocket whenever you go out to spend time with any girl.
  • You can make your kiss more powerful with touching. Try to run your fingers through her hair to make her feel more romantic. You can also rub her back while kissing. If you keep on touching her romantically while kissing, she will feel more aroused for kissing.
  • Try to kiss in different ways. Let your movements fluctuate while kissing. If you do the same sort of kissing every time, you may get exhausted.
  • Some girls don’t like excessive and hard kiss. If you feel that a girl is not interested in long kiss and she has ended up with a short kiss then you should not try to kiss her more. Instead of that just give her a sweet hug and let her feel comfortable. Short kiss is even better for the first time.
  • If the girl moves you away from you while kissing, it clearly means that she doesn’t want to kiss you. In such a case, you should not force her to kiss you.

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