How To Get A Girl Want To Sleep With You – Some Tips For Your Help

Some guys seek advice on how to get a girlfriend in high school while some guys already have a girlfriend, but they don’t know how to make her ready for sex. Most of the girls hesitate in sleeping with a guy even if they know that guy. If you want to have sex with a girl, you must know how to get a girl want to sleep with you. It is not an easy thing to do. You must have the art of seducing a girl. Every guy should have the skills of seducing, but unfortunately no one is born with this skill. You have to develop it by yourself only.

If you don’t know how to get a girl want to sleep with you then you could not be able to take your relationship to the next level. Your girlfriend may feel shy in saying you directly that she wants to have sex with you. She may give you some signs of her feelings and desire. You should understand it. If it is an old relationship, it is quite easy to make your girlfriend sleep with you. But if it is a new relationship or just a casual dating then it can be quite tough because just in few meetings, any decent girl will not be ready to have sex with you.

If you want to know how to get a girl want to sleep with you then you should follow the simple tips given below-

  • Start with dating – If you like a girl and you want her to sleep with you then the first thing you should do is to talk to her and take her to a date. Just have a normal conversation with her on date to make her feel comfortable. Don’t say anything that will make her think that you have any wrong intentions for her. Do a little flirting with her on your first date. But you should try to do everything in a right manner.
  • Let her know about your feelings for her – If you want to know how to get a girl want to sleep with you, you must know how to express your feelings for her in a right manner. Girls mostly like guys who are honest and polite. So, you should try to be that for your girl. You should try to show your interest in her in different ways so that she will know it. Don’t reveal it directly, but let her know all this with your behavior, gestures and your way of talking.
  • Try to be more than a friend – Friends just remain good companions. They don’t do sex with each other. They just talk to each other and go for the hangout. You should try to be more than a friend for her if you find her sexually attractive. Also, you should compliment her and try to be romantic with her so that she could get your point.
  • Excite her – You should have regular conversation with her and spend more time with her. To get her turn on, you can touch her. While talking to her face to face, go close to her, touch her hands or arms to excite her.
  • Plan to watch movie together – Take her out for the movie. Be it a romantic movie. You can also make arrangement for movie at your place. If she feels comfortable to join you at your place alone, it is a sign that she is also interested. Let her sit closer to you while watching the movie. When she comes closer to you, slightly touch her to make her feel romantic.
  • Seduce her but in the right way – Have some romantic chit chat with her to let her know that you find her sexy. For a start, kiss is the best but, you must know when to kiss a girl. Give a sweet kiss on her cheeks to turn her on. Then if she wants you to go on with what you are doing then take her to your bedroom and start with foreplay. Have a seducing foreplay with her then have sex with her but only if she is ready for it.

Flirting tips

Guys love to flirt with beautiful girls. This is their way to impress a girl. Flirting is good if it is done in a right way. Some girls also like flirty guys. Most of the guys express their feelings to the girl they like through flirting. Flirting is an easy way to let a girl know that you are interested in her. It is quite a funny thing also. If you want to know How to Flirt with a Girl over Text, you should read the tips given below-

  • Avoid predictable and boring messages – If you ask her “how was your day” or something like that she will feel boring. Most of her friends might ask the same question. You should start with something different like something funny or exciting so that she will like it and turn to you.
  • Tease her – Instead of calling her by her name, you can give her a sweet nickname and mention her nickname while texting her. You can call her “Ms Perfect”, “Ms beautiful” or something like that. It will make her feel that you really like her. You should also include some sort of funny teasing in your flirting.
  • Avoid long text messages – If you don’t want to make her feel bored with your conversation, you should avoid long text messages. Just try to say everything in a short, sweet and lovable way.
  • Don’t send too many text messages – The number of text messages you are sending should be equal to the number of text messages from her side. You should give reply to all her messages. Don’t exceed your limit in any way. If you send her more and more messages, she will feel that you are desperate and crazy for her. It will leave a bad impression about you.

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