How To Get A Lady To Date You – Secret Tips At Your Disposal

Every man meets a lady in his life and gets the feeling that she is the one made for him. Somehow he manages to become the friend of that girl he really loves. He went as far as asking her phone number, but feels less confident and nervous for asking her out on a date. The most fearing rejection factor comes to your mind what if she denies going out with you on a date. Well, rejection makes many people sad and hurt, their feelings and ego and at last they end up with absolutely no clue on how to get a lady to date you. Well don’t worry as mentioned below are some important points that can help you out with your dating fear and can make you the master of how to get a lady to date you.

Make it official: Before asking her out on a date you should double check with yourself that is she the lady you love or it’s just an attraction which will get faded as the time passes by. Always check with your feelings about her. How you feel when she is around you or with you? Does she make a better person who provides you with the best company ever? Is she committed to you or only interested in you? Or do you share any common view point or qualities or behavior with the girl that you want to date? Reviewing these factors can help you in making up your mind and making the date official.

Maintain the self image: Self image is also important for attracting a girl to date you. You don’t have to be very popular like a movie hero or a celebrity. Self image is how you look and how you care yourself in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. You must take shower on a daily basis to avoid the stinking smell of sweat. You can use some decent fragrance if you sweat way too much. Clean and washed clothes are also preferred to wear on a regular basis. You should always shave on a daily basis or if you want to have a beard you must trim it. You can also use some mild smelling after shave and some mouth freshener to avoid bad breath.

Right attitude: Right attitude is also very important while approaching the girl that you love. You should approach your girl with full confidence and with right attitude. Always believe from the inside that your conversation with your lady will always go right and will succeed in your mission of taking her out on a date. This positive thinking will certainly boost your confidence and give you the right attitude. Try to avoid being nervous in front of her. Just be yourself while talking to her. Don’t try to do anything fancy or inappropriate as it will set her mood off.

Be creative: Try to be creative, ask her about favorite hobbies, or favorite movies, or what places she would like to visit. This will help in getting the idea of what things she likes and what things she doesn’t like. This will enable you to think of more creative ideas about spending your time with her. For example you can surprise her with the movie ticket of his favorite movie star’s latest released movie or taking her to the music concert of his favorite artist. You can invite her for dinner and surprise her with those concert tickets. This will surprise her and she will be instantly ready to spend some more time with you. The more time you two spend together the closer she will get to you. Being creative will help you in knowing the answer to how to get a lady to date you.

Choose the right place to ask her out: You should ask your lady out for a date at a descent place. You should not ask in front of her colleagues or friends or at workplace. Some girls are comfortable when being asked publically; many other girls want to be asked by maintaining their privacy level. Some girls don’t want others to know that you have asked her out or they are kind of shy girls who like to have privacy. So, you must choose a peaceful silent location to express yourself properly and ask her that would she like to go out with you on a date. You can ask her while walking in a park or while having a sip of coffee or drink.

Choose the best way possible to ask her out: It is important to deliver the most important question of your life with ease and simplicity to the girl you like the most. There are many several ways of asking her out on a date. Don’t ask her directly that “would you go out with me for a date?” There are chances that she may feel this kind of approach awkward and flattering. So, if you feel nervous while asking her out you can simply write it down on a letter and hand it over to her. Don’t wait for a very long time. Ask her in the evening or the next morning about her decision. If she says yes, you can do the preparation to make your date a memorable one. If she says no then don’t feel sad may be she needs some more time to understand you better. Respect her decision and give her the time that she wants.

React accordingly: If your dream girl says yes then tell her about how happy you are to hear such good news from her. Tell her how thrilled you are regarding the date. What are the plans and preparation you are thinking of before going out on a date with her. Try not to over react as it will spoil the whole situation.

By following above mentioned tactics and strategies you can successfully make a girl to go out with you on a date. You can also help your friend by guiding them in how to get a lady to date you.

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