How To Get A Woman To Be Attracted To You – Important Things You Need To Know

To attract a woman is a hard thing to do especially for those men who don’t look attractive. They have to struggle hard even to approach a woman because of their fear of rejection. Obviously, you can’t force a woman to like you. But you have to make yourself interesting to women. With your will power, self confidence and little efforts, you can do it. You have to learn how to get a woman to be attracted to you. You have to build up positive attitude to get success in this.

Develop yourself

If you want to attract a woman, you have to improve your physical appearance because it is what marks the first impression when you approach a woman. To know how to get a woman to be attracted to you, first you have to learn how to develop yourself. Your appearance must be neat and clean. You should dress well so that you can appear to be good. You can get a stylish haircut to look impressive. You can use hair gel to make your hair look set and shiny. You should wear cologne while going out. While meeting anyone, you should keep a good and genuine smile on your face.

To have an attractive physical appearance, you have to develop your physique. To develop your physique, you can do some exercises. Weight lifting and stretching exercises can help you to get your body into perfect shape. With improvement in your physique, your self confidence will also increase. And this will help you in getting rid of your hesitation and fear of rejection.

Along with improving yourself, you have to improve your life and your lifestyle as well. You have to make your life interesting and exciting so that every woman will crave to be a part of your exciting life. You should focus on achieving success in your life. You should do what you always wanted to do in your life.

Approach a woman

If you want to learn how to get a woman to be attracted to you, you must know how to approach a woman in the correct way. You have to be confident about yourself as women always admire confidence of a man. You should let go all your nervousness. You should stand straight in front of her. You should look directly into her eyes while talking to her. You should speak clearly so that she can hear you properly. Don’t get exhausted and just be relaxed with her.

If you are going to approach a woman, just make sure to approach her from front so that she can see you coming her way and she can be prepared for you. Approaching someone from front side means you are confident. By doing so, you can leave a good impression on her. It will be great, if you approach her while she is all alone.

After approaching her, you can start up a conversation. Without talking to her, you can’t impress her. You can start with “Hi” or “Hello”. Then you should introduce yourself to her. Afterwards, you should let her say something about her. Try to keep your conversation natural and talk to her frankly. Don’t speak up lines which you have heard in a movie or read in a novel. Just try to be honest with her. You should focus on her and listen to what she is saying attentively. You can make comments or ask questions on what she saying to you to make her feel that you are interested in her conversation.

Your way of talking must be impressive if you are approaching a woman for the first time. With your conversation, you should make her think how exciting your life is and how incredible and smart you are. You should try to represent your positive thinking through your conversation.  By doing all this, you can easily make her interested in you.

Impress a woman

To impress a woman, you have to be a gentleman. You have to act maturely and try to understand her. You should not show her that you are a tough guy. Instead of that just let her see your soft side. Women mostly get attracted towards men who are soft hearted and who treat everyone kindly. You should keep this thing in your mind.

If you want a woman to be attracted towards you then you have to make her feel special. While talking to her you can compliment her for everything that you like in her. With your words, you should try to make her feel that she is unique and you really like her. You should make her feel that she really matters to you.

Understand her body language

If you want to know whether a woman is attracted towards you or not, you have to understand her body language. If she moves closer to you while you sitting next to her then it means that she is attracted towards you. If she avoid making eye contact with you or always stands away from you then she might be not interested in you. While talking to you every time if she touches you then it’s a clear sign for you that she finds you attractive. If she likes to share her secrets with you, it means she is comfortable with you and she trusts you.


How to get a woman to be attracted to you depend on how capable you are in doing this. Now, you know all what you should do and not do to impress a woman or to get her attracted towards you. If you are capable to do all what is mentioned above in the right way then you will definitely get success in attracting a woman. You have to build up good qualities in you to make yourself attractive for woman. You have to understand what a woman wants from you and what sort of a person she wants you to be. You should try to show her your best side to attract her.

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