How To Get A Woman To Date You – Important Tips To Keep In Mind

If you are good at flirting with women and impressing them then it can be easier for you to get a woman to date you. But if you don’t have these qualities and you are a shy person, it is going to be tough for you. You might not be able to get a girlfriend unless you don’t know how to get a woman to date you. It is actually quite a tricky thing to do. Even if a woman is interested in dating you then also you have to put lot of efforts to make her accept it officially.

There are very few men who really know how to get a woman to date you. They can just be with the girl whom they like and wait for their acceptance. Some guys don’t wait too long and leave the girl then try to impress other girls. If you want a woman to date you, you should know the ways by which you can impress her. You can do the following things to get a woman to date you-

  • Try to know whether she really likes you or not – If you are not sure whether a girl is interested in you or not then you should spend some more time with her to know the truth. You should not ask her directly whether she likes you or not especially if you have met her recently. If she doesn’t know much about you she will definitely give a negative reply to this question of yours. You should focus on her words and body language to know whether she also likes you or not. If she talks to you just like she talks to her friends then maybe she wants to be your friend only.
  • Try to be more than just a friend – If you remain just a friend, you might not get the chance to date her. If you like a girl and you want her to date you, you have to be more than a just a friend for her. You have to be a caring and loving person for her. You should try to solve all her problems. You should try to gain her trust and win her heart. You have to give her priority and make her feel important and special. You should try to impress her in whatever way you can. By doing all these things, you will come to know how to get a woman to date you.
  • Hangout with her – You should plan to hang out with the girl whom you like to date. If she is ready to go out with you alone, try to make it a great day for her. By taking her out, you can spend a quality time with her and you will be able to know more about her. If she is comfortable with you, it means she trusts you and she thinks positive about you. If you want to know how to get a woman to date you, you first have to learn how to be a reliable person.
  • Approach her on the right time and place – If you have decided to ask her whether she wants to be your girlfriend or not, you have to approach her properly. You just can’t stop her on the road and propose her. She will definitely not like it. You have to choose a peaceful place where both of you can sit comfortably with each other. Also you have to find out the right time for this. Don’t just rush for anything. If you feel that she is not in a good mood, you should try to make her happy and wait for the right time to make the proposal.
  • Prepare yourself – To make a move towards something that matters for you a lot, you have to prepare yourself for it. You have to plan what you are going to say and in what manner. Your behavior as well as your attitude everything should be right. While you are in front of your girl, you should not get nervous. You should not show even a single sign of nervousness. Biting your nails, remaining silent for a long time, avoiding eye contact are all signs of nervousness. You should have positive attitude then only you will get the positive result.
  • Ask her question in the correct way – If you know that a girl is interested in you, you can ask her to be your girlfriend. But you should ask her this question in the correct way. You might get rejected if she doesn’t like your manner of proposing her or approaching her. So, you have to be careful about it. Instead of asking her directly, you can take an indirect route. You can give her a letter in which you have written about your feelings for her. You can give a gift to her that could reveal your love and your intentions. You should not be afraid in making proposal in front of her. Just do it with full confidence and positive attitude.
  • React properly – Whether a girl gives a negative reply or positive reply of your proposal, you have to react properly. If she accepts your proposal and agrees to date you then show her how happy you are after listening to it. Make her feel that you are feeling lucky to have her. Also, let her know that you find it exciting to think of your future with her. On the other hand, if she rejects you, just try to understand her and respect her feelings. Don’t do anything that will hurt her. Don’t say anything bad to her. Also, you should not be harsh with her.
  • Celebrate it – If she agrees to make you her boyfriend, you should celebrate such an awesome moment with her. You can hug her or hold her hands to make her feel your love. Both of you can plan to go on a romantic date where both of you can spend a lovely time with each other.

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