How To Get A Woman To Kiss You At A Party – Key Tips That Might Be Of Help

Many men around the world do not know how to get a woman to kiss you at a party. This can be easy for many men but at the same time it can also be difficult for others. Many people find it difficult when and how to kiss a woman at a party. Some have difficulties in figuring out the correct time, some have issues with the location where to kiss, some have issues in how to get a woman to kiss you at a party? If you want to take your relationship to another level other than just being a good friend, then here are some key points that can make you to achieve success when it comes to kissing a girl.

Chemistry: Chemistry is a major step which differentiates you from being a good friend to becoming a good partner. Chemistry is used to indicate the bonding and attraction between two people. Chemistry is very important in transforming your friendship into a romantic relationship. Chemistry keeps you engaged with your partner. So, if you want to kiss a girl you better improve your chemistry with that girl. If you don’t have such build-up chemistry with your lady then don’t worry, give your relationship a bit more time. Chemistry builds with the time; it cannot be achieved instantly like in 2-3 days. So, give the relationship more time to build up and then make your move.

Get some alone time: Find yourself alone place or talk to your girl on a less crowded place or where there is no loud music playing in the background. Silent place will be perfect to talk to her. Spending time with her will make you and her feel more comfortable and reliable towards each other. Both of you can express yourself to each other with ease and simplicity with the absence of any such disturbing surroundings that you experience at a party. Better comfort level and reliability level can lead you both towards your first kiss that you share with each other. Many girls are not comfortable with kissing you in a public place or a party so try to get some place with privacy.

Be aware of your surroundings: Always check with your surroundings before kissing her. Kiss is considered as the first thing that increases your heart beat and keeps you going. Many girls find it shameful in sharing a kiss with you in front of your friends or family, or at a public place. So, try not to kiss her in front of many people as she considers this as an inappropriate thing to do in public. Understand your date from deep within and act accordingly with her while kissing. If she is not kind of shy, then go ahead and kiss her in front of everyone. But if she happens to be a conservative type of girl then don’t kiss her forcefully instead give her time that she needs to make herself ready for it.

Pick the right moment: As she doesn’t like to be kissed at a public place, in the same way she doesn’t like to be kissed at an awkward moment. Women are very choosy when it comes to kissing. However, they give you the clues that you need to pick up at the right moment. Closely pay attention towards her, what is she saying, what is she doing, how is she behaving? and many other happenings. If the conversations going on makes both of you feel great and you can’t take your eyes off from one other, then may be its time you should kiss her. You can see it in her eyes that she is ready to kiss you or she wants be kissed at the moment.

Effective body language: Body language is also important in how to get a woman to kiss you at a party. You must show her your intensions that you would like to kiss her. You can use your body language to show your intensions towards her. But always make sure that she is also interested in sharing a kiss with you. You can make eye contact with her and put a descent smile on your face to send a positive connection. Do not try to fake your smile as she will notice it and think that you only want to kiss her and are not all interested in her. So, try to make it natural as kissing is a natural phenomenon.

Touch her intentionally: You must break the touch barrier if you want to kiss her. Touch her very gently and intentionally in an appropriate manner. Touching her will increase your confidence and if she doesn’t resist you from touching her, that means she is comfortable with your touching and wants you to get close to her more on an emotional level. Touching her is a great way to know that she is interested in engaging physically with you or not. You can compliment her on the body perfume that she is using, or gently touching or rubbing her shoulder while talking to her or you can also dance with her on a party to show your intentions.

Test the waters: Once you have succeeded in breaking the touch barrier, now is the time to make your final move. You can make your final move by touching her face with your hand from the chin. If she allows your touch of the hand on her face, embrace her with your arms and come close to her. Bring your face near to her face and wait for some time to check her out, she may feel embarrassed at that time and break eye contact with you. Wait for more time and notice her very carefully. If she doesn’t ask you to leave her then very gently kiss her. Try not to force yourself for kissing her. Keep it simple and natural and you may end up kissing the girl that you want.

With these simple tips, how to get a woman to kiss you at a party becomes a cake walk.

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