How to Get a Woman to Like You Again After a Breakup

Normally, figuring out how to get a woman to like you again is hard enough as it is, seriously. Maybe you dropped the ball and made a fool out of yourself in the past. Maybe you moved away and you just lost touch. Getting a female to like you again and look at you in a certain way involves quite a bit of effort. It also requires quite a bit of time. Things are definitely more complicated if the reason why she no longer likes you is because you broke up.

Let’s face it. Relationships break up all the time. In fact, half the marriages in the United States end up in divorce. People splitting up in one form or another, or at some level or another, is a fact of life in modern American society. With that said, there are ways you can implement to get a woman to like you again despite the fact that you’ve broken up. Here is how you do it.

First, You Need to Believe

To figure out how to get a woman to like you again, you have to first believe that everyone needs love. This should be a very easy idea to accept on your part. The reason why you’re reading this article in the first place is you want some sort of emotional connection with that woman you’ve broken up with. In other words, you need love. The sooner you are able to open up your mind to that concept and emotionally accept it, the better off you would be.

Part of the reason why guys have a tough time reconciling with past love relationships is because they can’t seem to get themselves to accept the fact that they, grown-up men, need love. You have to set your male ego aside and say to yourself, “I need love. I am okay if I vulnerable. It’s okay for me to accept and acknowledge my emotional needs.”

Our Need for Affection Is Very Strong

Now, the next thing that you need to realize is that your need for affection is very strong. How strong? It’s stronger than your pride. This may seem crazy and this might seem outlandish, but it’s absolutely true. This is a core component of learning how to get a woman to like you again. Instead of running away from this conclusion or trying to come up with all sorts of excuses and justifications, just accept it. Embrace this fact. It will make you stronger. Just allow yourself to believe that your need for love is stronger than your pride.

Use These Facts to Your Advantage

Now that you have opened your mind to often uncomfortable and inconvenient facts, now comes the good part. The good part is that you can use these facts to your advantage. Instead of agonizing over the fact that someone special in your past broke up with you, you can go on to the next stage. You can go on to bringing back that relationship. It can go on to reconciliation. Here’s how you do it.

Get Ready for Her

The first thing that you need to do is to get ready for reconciliation. Get ready to get that amazing lady back into your life. How do you do this?

First, you need to make sure you’re a good catch. This involves working out, hitting the gym, and looking good. If you are very skinny, put on some pounds. If you are overweight, get cut, grow some muscles. Look good. This also means dressing better.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to become somebody that you’re not. We’re not talking about lying to people. We’re not talking about putting on a big show. Instead, try to be the best person you’re capable of. Everybody, for the most part, is living their lives way below their fullest potential. Try to level up to your fullest potential. This means working out, and most importantly, getting your head right.

In other words, mature. You need to mature. You need to get your act together. Maybe you have a tough time getting a job or keeping a job. That has to change. You have to be more responsible. You have to earn more money. You have to prove yourself to the world more often than not. This should be your mission regardless of whether you’re trying to impress a female or not. This should be your personal mission in life because hey, we all were born at a certain level, but it’s our responsibility to ourselves to die at a much higher level. Do you see how this works? It’s all about maturity.

You need to wrap your mind around that concept if you’re serious about winning back the affections of a woman you’d love to have back in your life. Make sure you are worth liking again. If you really want to figure out how to get a woman like you again, focus on making sure that you’re worth that affection.

Learn from your past. Improve yourself. Resolve to be truly interested in her. You have remember that most people would like you back if you first manifest an intense liking for them. We are all reciprocal in nature. Use this to your advantage.

Make Initial Contact

Get in touch with that special female and then go out on group activities. The reason why it’s a good idea to go out in group activities instead of a one-on-one date is that it’s less awkward. There’s also less tension involved. Just feel each other out and be comfortable around each other.

Second, do stuff that she likes. Remember, when you go on a date, it’s not about gratifying your ego. It’s not about you. It’s all about what she likes to do. If you’re able to to this, then she’d feel comfortable around you. She would know that you are serious about getting back with her. When you do stuff that she likes, it shows an interest on your part on the things that she likes to do. This tells her that you would go the extra mile for her.

Let her lead. I know this might impact your ego, but set it aside. Which would you rather have? Unreasonable pride or amazing love? The choice should be obvious.

Ultimately, the only person getting in the way of you understanding how to get a woman to like you again is yourself.



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