How To Get An Old Love Out Of Your Head?

Break ups are part of life. The early you accept the reality of being apart and separated the easiest is going to be for you to move on. However, it is easy to speak but difficult to implement, but acceptance and moving on is the only choice you are left with. It takes time but nothing is impossible. Be brave, wipe up your tears and start preparing yourself for the new partner to enter into your life.

The following practices will help you to leave your past behind:

Cut off every communication

Do not call text or mail. No need to stay in contact anymore. When you know that things can never be the same and it will hurt you badly then what is the point of keeping him even just as a friend. Unfriend him from your Facebook friend’s list. Do not try to visit his Facebook page.

Try to keep yourself away from his close friends. There may be some mutual friends but for the time being just stick to your close friends.

Cleaning up the physical memories

Every relationship has reminders. Reminders are in the form of little love romantic notes and gifts. Just pack up every single gift, card, photos, etc. to wipe up every memory you have with your ex. Do not try to be sentimental. Act maturely and practically. Ensure yourself that you are leaving behind every single memory and the new beginning is on its way.

Get involved in new activities and focus on present

Sticking to the past will only make you depressed. Change your routine and take up new activities. Join the gym, participate in a club, start doing a volunteer work, etc. Focus on to what you are doing at present. Make new memories which will help you in getting over with the older ones.

Avoid places which you use to go together

Hanging out in the places where you and your Ex use to go very frequently will freshen up your memories. Visiting these places will disturb you. So it is better to keep yourself away from those locations for the time being until you are completely over with your lost love.

Turn off the instant replay

You have the remote of your thoughts. Thoughts that might be of the worst fights or may be of the most romantic times spent together. In both the cases, you will get hurt. It is better to indulge yourself in some positive thinking or activity like reading a book or painting just to get over with the instant replay of your past.

Forgiving your ex

Holding grudges related to any person in the relationships will never let you move on, and it will keep on disturbing and affecting you psychologically especially when that person is your ex. So forgive and forget everything. Feel free and walk on.

Expect new love to appear any moment

Love can happen to you anywhere and at any time. Look fresh, and all set to welcome the new pure romance to enter your life. Being awaited and hopeful will help you look forward intensely rather than keeping yourself stuck to the awful old chapters of your life.


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