8 Ways To Be Get Better at Flirting

When it comes to flirting, it’s different for both men and women. You need to have confidence if you want to master the art of flirting. Remember, no relationship have started without successful flirting. Most of our communication is non-verbal. Our body language speaks first, and from our body language, people can tell if we are confident or anxious. Flirting can be pleasant and friendly. It will open door of different opportunities to you. Heck, you’ll end up with a girlfriend or a man, and if not, at least a good friend. Maybe your new buddy will introduce you to someone who will be your partner!

Anyway, here are eight ways on how to successful in flirting:

1. Relax
Flirting is all about being playful and having fun. Be funny, laugh, lighthearted and entertaining. Flirt in a way that the person becomes interested in you and wants to talk to you.

2. Be Full Of Confidence
If you want to successful in flirting, you need to have a positive attitude towards life. It will help you to transmit the feel-good factor when you approach someone and have a conversation with them. Everyone is attracted to people who are optimistic and full of energy.

3. Give Genuine Compliments
People like to spend with someone who makes them feel good about themselves. So, when they compliment you, don’t forget to thank them.

4. Listen
Focus and pay attention to others when they tell you or ask you something. Encourage them to open up and honestly talk about themselves. Show interest and be sincere to their conversations.

5. Don’t Be Rude
One thing you should never do when flirting is to be sexually explicit and being offensive to a man, or a woman is he or she isn’t interested or responds to you. If someone shows no interest towards you, take the hint and move on. If you get rejected most of the time, then probably you should look for a different approach rather than flirting.

6. Don’t Forget To Send An Email After Chatting.
This gesture is similar to sending a gift or a thank you not, and it’s crucial to flirt successfully. Besides, don’t take things too fast.

7. Respect Is Key.
Touching is can lovely and in some circumstances, vital to flirt successfully. But, it doesn’t cross boundaries. Touching someone you’re flirting should be confined to the arms like placing your hands on someone’s arms. Before touching, try to understand their reaction, when you move close to someone. Then retreat a little backward and notice their actions. After you have exchanged glances and smiles with the person, we can easily tell you that this man or woman is attracted to you. So, approach him or her respectfully.

8. Respect Yourself.
Respect yourself at all times. Women like men who are unreachable. Think highly of yourself, and be special and unique. Always tell yourself that you deserve nothing but the very best.

Flirting is art and hard to master. It’s one of the first steps to attracting a woman or man, later being in a successful relationship. Having said that, what are you still waiting for? Get out there, flirt and bag yourself a partner!

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