How To Get Over Insecurities In A Relationship

Falling in love is not just a walk in a garden especially when insecurities start taking over your relationship. Insecurities are difficult to handle and most of the time the love of your life doesn’t understand or realize that what sort of pain you are going through. The insecure relation makes you believe that you are in love yet all broken from inside.

Feeling Insecure in a relation

Why do you feel insecure in a relationship? The best way to understand about the uncertainty you face in a relationship is to find out its cause. You are insecure because:

  • You are afraid of losing your partner
  • Many people are attracted towards your partner
  • Your partner is spending a lot of time with his/her friends
  • Doesn’t bother to call or message in time
  • Your partner is least interested in complimenting or appreciating you

To get out of your insecurities, firstly you need to ponder over the entire situation and find out the reason behind it. After that, is your partner supportive enough to help you out in this regard?

Speak to your partner

Once you have understood about the primary cause, the next step is to talk to your partner about it. Tell him about the times you felt unloved. Do not sound sad or frustrated. If your partner loves you, he will reassure you and will comfort you.

Before speaking up just do remember to voice out up the extent where you know your partner can easily digest and manage. For example, you ask your lover to spend less time with your friends and pay attention to you as well, but you cannot stop him from meeting his friends.

How to stop feeling insecure in a relationship?

If you still feel uncomfortable and insecure about your relationship even after your partner’s changed behavior and reassurance, then it is you who needs help and should make efforts to set aside the insecurities that are bothering you.

Be confident and have faith in yourself. Trust your partner and wipe out the negativity that makes you feel insecure about your relationship.

Love is a part of your life

Your partner is just a small part of your life and not your complete life. If your entire life just revolves around your partner then naturally you will become totally obsessed with it, and out of nowhere, you start picking up imaginary negative flaws from the relationship.

Do not dedicate your entire life to your love; give away some portion of it. In this way, your love life will be more exciting, and you will eventually crack out of the shell of insecurities.

Be an optimist

Stop analyzing things negatively. Stop wondering that what you are going to do if your partner ever leaves you, or what your lover will do when he goes out without you. Rather than making up stories in your mind, speak out to your partner and together find a way to put off this uneasy feeling.

Be confident

Most of the insecurities develop due to the lack of confidence. You are insecure because you start believing that you are not good enough.

Reasons other than being under confident

Sometimes insecurity is not because of lack of confidence; it is because of lack of love. So what I suggest that rather than staying in such a relationship where love does not exist, one should leave and move on. But on the other hand if it is not due to lack of love then one should prefer talking to the partner, and together the insecurities can be handled.

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