How To Get Someone Back – 10 Bulletproof Tips

How To Get Someone Back – 10 Tips

Here's our 10 tips on how to get someone back as effectively as possible.

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It happens. You cringe when hear the word “commitment”.

How to get someone back fast - 10 tips

When your girlfriend tells you she loves you, and calls every hour to check on you, you feel stiff. You feel like dropping out of a relationship when she becomes too clingy.

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You break up with her, spend time with your best buds, but you feel something different.

You check your phone because you’ve gotten used to those calls, and now that they don’t happen anymore you start feeling like something’s missing. You start telling yourself that it’ll pass, but as time passes, the more you feel empty and alone.

You feel a tug in your heart when you see her and she smiles at you like she has already moved on.

Yet here you are, lying in your bed, looking at your silent cell phone, listening to what used to be your favourite song, reminiscing the time you’ve spent together with her. Bummer, isn’t it?
You’ve broken up with your boyfriend, but after a few weeks of being nonchalant about it, you realize that you miss him. You realize that no one would ever willingly watch a chick flick with you and hold your hand other than him.

You realize that no matter how bad he dresses up, it’s what makes him stand out from the rest, and you actually love him that way.

He may not score well on the hotness meter, but there’s something irresistible about him that makes him attractive. Too bad you already broke up with him before you realized it. And now that he’s parading with someone else, you actually want him back.

It is true when they say “You never know what you got until it’s gone”, but the good news is it’s not too late. Everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves a second chance, you just got to prove that you deserve it. It may be hard to get back with someone, especially if something unpleasant caused your break-up.

Before beating yourself up and completely giving up, try to put up some fight by trying out the following:

1. For guys, try spending time with her again. Don’t ask her out for a date, it will confuse her.

Try to find other ways, like sitting together in the cafeteria, asking her to tutor you for a subject you’re not good at, or finding mutual friends wherein you can both go together on a group date. Afterwards, make her feel like you really want to spend time with her again, and when she gets curious, tell her the truth.

She’ll appreciate all the effort you have put in to get closer to her, and who knows, it may be the key to getting her back again.

2. For girls, don’t flirt with other guys to make him jealous.

It may be the first idea to pop in your head, but when he sees you flirting with other guys, it might actually push him away. He’ll think that you have moved on and he may do the same with other girls, and that is probably the last thing you want to see.

3. Call her, but don’t call her every freaking hour.

Give her a call to ask her if she’s doing ok, and start a good conversation with her. You can talk about your annoying boss, the stressful work week, or that impossible assignment. Talk about something that she can relate to. Be casual and don’t make her feel suspicious.

Don’t keep the conversation too long either. When you call her, don’t write a script of what you have to tell her, just keep the conversation cool and simple.

You can also tell her that you overheard your friend saying that you weren’t feeling well the other day. Ask her if she needs someone to talk to.

Or that you found out that she got promoted and maybe you can both go out to celebrate, but add in that if she’d like to bring some of her friends, she can go ahead and do so, so that she doesn’t reject you right away.

Try to think of something nice to tell her, and be sincere about it.

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4. Get a make-over.

Girls, it is true that beauty is only skin deep, but let’s admit it, whenever we get a makeover and look different in a good way, heads turn. So if you want him to notice you right away, it won’t hurt if you get a nice makeover. But remember, don’t overdo it. A different hairstyle and a new outfit that looks good on you is enough.

Don’t wear slutty clothes and heavy makeup just to get his attention, or you’ll appear desperate.

When he complements you, say thanks and casually ask him if he wants to go this party this weekend, or maybe a friend is celebrating her birthday, ask him if he’s not too busy and maybe he would like to drop by. Tell him he can bring some of his friends too if he wants.

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5. If you’ve been together long enough to know where she always hangs out and what her interests are, you have better chances of getting her back.

Take interest on her favourite sports and hobbies. For example, if she is good in tennis, learn how to play tennis and have someone teach you how to be good at it. That way, you can hang out and play tennis with her without being too obvious.

If she loves to read, read her favourite book so that you can tell her about it the next time you meet. Once she realizes that you two have something new in common, she’d be interested in hanging out with you again. That's how to get someone back literally! (Sorry, couldn't resist 🙂

6. The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Cook his favourite dish, or if you don’t know what it is, cook or bake something that is within your specialty. If he loves pasta, pick one pasta recipe you can cook and make sure it tastes good.

Tell him that you’ve cooked too much pasta for dinner and you remembered that it was his favourite so you went over to bring him some. The thought that you remembered him through something you cooked will make him wonder a little.

If it tastes really good, he might even ask you to cook for him again next time! You can even invite him over so you can cook together.

7. Compose a song for her, and make sure she sees you playing it.

Yeah, it does sound a little cheesy, but girls dig that kind of thing. It will definitely make her feel special, especially if she realizes that the lyrics are directed to her.

Bring out the poet and the artist inside of you and pour it over to a song. Once she realizes that the song could possibly be about her, she will definitely confront you about it.

When she does, simply tell her that it is about someone you still care about. There is a big chance that she will keep asking you who it is until you admit it.

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8. When you’ve established a way to connect with her again, make sure you don’t commit the same mistake you did, otherwise, you’ll be back to zero in no time.

Analyze the past and the present situation. What were the things that you have done in the past that hurt her? You can write them down in a piece of paper together with what you can do to prevent them from happening again.

Remember that those things cannot be undone, and that trust cannot be easily taken back. You have to work really hard to earn back a trust that has been broken.

Don’t pressure her to do something she’s not ready to do yet, like being back in a relationship with you even if you know she wants to.

Simply make her feel how much you love her and let her know you’re just waiting for her.

9. Show her how she made you a better person.

Everyone has a good and a bad side, but there comes one person who will bring out the best in you. Tell her the bad side of you that she has managed to change, and the good side of you that she has brought out.

She will appreciate hearing those things, especially if you sound sincere. Make her feel that no one else impacts your life the way she does, and that she has been your source of strength.

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10. Let him know you are always there for him, regardless of whether you are getting back together or not.

Guys love it when they know that you always have their back. Make him feel like he can come to you and be open about whatever he wants to say without being judged. They naturally become closer to people with whom they are comfortable with, so make sure that you are one of those people.

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