Love Someone At Work? Then Read This!

Love can strike us at anytime, anywhere. But, when love finds us in our office cubicles, then keeping it under wraps can become daunting. Dating at work can have some downsides. Workplace romance can create an imbalance in the social sphere, can put office politics into steroids, threatens the work quality, productivity, and reputation of your workplace. It can also cost you and your love interest’s job too. Added to this, if the relationship doesn’t work out, things can get awkward. You’ve to see your ex almost on a daily basis, and interacting with him or her in a professional setting can become uncomfortable. It can negatively affect your productivity and your organization's bottom line as well.

Nonetheless, if you still decide to take your flirtation and dating skills in your workplace, keep the following points in mind:

There Will Be An Obvious Impact On Work And On Coworkers
When you’re dating someone from work, a lot of considerations need to be taken. You may need to register your relationship with your Human Resources department. Should any legal issues arise from this relationship; this appraisal can come in handy. Office romance can make managers and coworkers wince, as love affects productivity, and can get in the way of organization’s business. Your productivity will suffer when your head in filled with unique feelings and inescapable thoughts about that special person. Workplace relationships create an imbalance of reason and common sense. It can create unfair advantageous situations at work and can mar you and your partner’s reputation.

Everybody Will Know Or Knows Already
It is easy for coworkers to see through the facades of corporate lovebirds. You may think that you don’t give two cents what your co-workers think about your relationship, or don’t care if everyone is focusing on you. The thing is folks are discussing it when you are not around, and amazing things can happen at work – both socially and professionally – if group consensus is taken. This is the essence of office politics. When two coworkers talk about one of their colleagues having a relationship at work, some part of those conversations involves gossiping about that person and his or her coworker’s lover.

Be Prepared For The Worst-Case Scenario
Apart from losing your job and facing some social friction, most workplace relationships go wrong typically degrades itself into an emotional nuisance. Even the most office relationship with good intentions, when failed, can be emotionally wrecking to both the dumper and the dumpee. The dumper turns into a ‘bad guy or gal,' while the dumpee gets upset, bitter, and resentful. Things get even worse and hellish since both have to see and meet each other daily.

But, There Is A Chance For Love To Blossom…
Keeps all alerts aside, when workplace romance is bad, it’s awful and unbearable. But, when it’s success, it can forge lasting connections. We spent most of the daytime at work, so it’s quite common that we can be attracted to somebody at work. Just keep in mind that just like everything else in this world, there are some rules you need to abide when dating someone at work. Compatibility and chemistry are the building blocks of a healthy and long-lasting relationship. Ensure that these basics are there.

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