How To Get Women – Clever Techniques To Use Right Now

How To Get Women

– Clever Techniques To Use Right Now

In today’s world, learning how to get women can be a stressful process. Years ago it was all about courting a woman, giving her everything she ever wanted, and providing stability for the rest of her life.

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Nowadays, learning how to get women is much different, because social norms have evolved over the years.

We see the female race at the top of their class, all around the corporate world, in Presidential races, and beyond. The last five decades have allowed them to become more independent, so often times they aren’t looking for old-fashioned men.

So forget about what you’ve learned up until now, because we have a few secrets on how to get women. They definitely aren’t traditional, so you have to keep an open mind about each one. Thinking outside the box could get you the perfect woman.

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How To Get Women – Tips:

#1 Stand Your Ground, but Compromise

By now you’ve had a few girlfriends. If you go back and think about those relationships, it’s possible that many of them were trying to change you.

See, more and more women today are always looking to change something about you. It might be something as small as your table etiquette, or more serious like keeping you from watching the game on Sunday afternoon.

Understanding the point to her approach is very important.

The truth is; she’s not trying to change you. The only thing she wants to know is if you’re willing to put something aside that you like to do, and focus more on her needs. Are you up for the challenge?

If she already knows what you’re doing this Sunday, don’t be surprised if she calls to see if you want to catch a movie or go do something.

If you choose to go, she knows you are willing to make changes for her. If you tell her another time, you may never see her again.

However, if this happens every single weekend, it’s time to put your foot down. It doesn’t have to be disrespectful or mean, but more like a compromise.

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For instance, do the same thing to her when she is planning to spend a day with friends. Ask and see if she wants to go somewhere. If she says no, tell her to have fun with her friends. The next time she asks you to skip Sunday, be sure to tell her “no” as well.

This lets her know you will make adjustments from time to time, but you are still going to be a man. Most women like men who can take control without being controlling and this is especially important in knowing when to kiss a girl.

#2 First Date Tricks

Learning how to get women on the first date is a little more complex. Probably the only old-fashioned thing left is that a woman wants to be romanced. Some men tend to feel loose and nervous in the beginning, but turn serious as the first date moves into the evening. Don’t be overbearing or you will never hear from her again.

Also, serious talk is for the birds. She doesn’t want to know about your ex-girlfriends, she doesn’t want to hear stories of heartache, and her intentions are not to have sex with you. Most men that have sex with a woman on their first date are never able to have a good relationship moving forward.

First dates are meant to get to know one another. You need to have a fun and exciting time. Also, it can’t be the normal approach like dinner and a movie. Get creative, even if it means doing something you have never done before yourself. We aren’t talking about zip-lining or bungee jumping (unless you’re into that thing), but an adrenaline rush can break down an uncomfortable beginning.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something where you can talk to each other. Going to a movie is outdated, and it doesn’t give you a chance to get to know her for at least 2 hours. Taking her to a wine tasting or a comedy club are both good choices for a first date. Once the entertainment is over, then you can go to dinner.

Doing something fun before you eat dinner allows both of you to come up with conversation topics. If the chemistry doesn’t seem to be clicking and an uncomfortable silence develops, talking about your first event together can break it, almost immediately.

Oh, and please don’t have sex the first night. This is the #1 rule when learning how to get women. Men who are open books after the first date will end up losing. The ones that leave more to be desired will have the women begging for more.

#3 How to get the First Date

So, we’ve already covered something you can do if you’re in a fresh relationship and what to do on your first date. Unfortunately, some men want to learn how to get women because they can’t get that first date. If you fall into this category, it’s time to break out those 21st century tricks.

Now, in this scenario you don’t have to look like a stalker, but it’s very important to observe her. Maybe you’re in the same college class together, see her out at bars and restaurants, or she could be a co-worker. Whatever the case may be, patience is going to be your best weapon.

How to get women - Beautiful Girls

For instance, let’s say you work with her and she looks absolutely gorgeous every day. The next time you walk by her, make sure to let her know she looks good. So what’s the trick? Say something appropriate like; “You look nice,” and be sure to say it with a smile. After she thanks you just walk away.

Once a day is plenty, but it’s enough to let her know you notice her. Women eat this up, especially if you say something about a new set of clothes, their nails, or hair. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Oddly enough, it takes about a week for her to realize that she is beginning to notice you. Why? Well, she wants to hear those compliments, so she’s keeping an eye out for you. Plus, she might start feeling attracted to you.

Only time will tell, but giving planned out compliments is a great approach to getting that first date. If she starts complimenting you, it means she will most likely say “yes” if you ask her out. If this occurs, you can’t blow the first date. Refer to tip #2 for a little help.

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Mind Games

Some people believe all these  games that have to be played in order to accomplish how to get women. We believe it’s just 21st century strategies that have to be utilized in today’s world. Hopefully you can use these tips and catch a great woman!

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