How To Get Your Ex Back Fast – Dos and Don’ts!

Learn How To Get Your Ex Back Fast – Read on…

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Read on to learn a few critical do's and don'ts:


You have to do something before she enters into a relationship with someone else. Otherwise, it will be too late and you have no other choice but to move on.

Here are some DO’s and DON’TS on how to get your ex-girlfriend back fast.


  • Give her some space. Talk to her and explain how you feel, but don’t show up everywhere she goes. Give her some space to be alone and to think about your situation. She’ll need time to think without seeing your face popping out everywhere.
  • Lower your pride, especially if it is your fault that you two broke up. Yes, you can point out to her that everyone make mistakes, and that she, too, has her own shortcomings, but please try to be humble and swallow your pride. You’ve probably already apologized to her, but she has to feel your sincerity about it. If she senses pride, then the apology is definitely not sincere and chances are, she’ll forgive you but she will not get back with you.
  • Make her feel how important she is. Tell her the difference between the life you’ve spent with her and the life you’ve had without her. Site examples about the problems you’ve dealt with when you were still together, and tell her how easy it was for you to face them simply because she was there for you. Tell her how rough these past few days or months have been for you because it’s not the same without her.
  • Put yourself in her shoes. It may sound difficult to put yourself in the shoes of another person, especially the opposite sex, but you’ve got to try because this is the best way for you to understand how she feels. What if she was the one who cheated on you? What if she was the one who left you with no explanation? What if she was the one who flirted with someone else? How would you feel?
  • Tell her how she affects your life. Once again, you have to establish a good connection with her despite the break up you had and no matter how bad things have become. Explain to her how she made an impact in your life. What are the things that she taught you? What are the negative traits in you that she has somehow changed?  What are the bad habits that you have let go of because of her help?  Tell her that she made you a better person, and thank her. It will mean a lot to her.
  • Write her an old-fashioned love letter. An old-fashioned love letter is not cheesy. For girls, it is romantic and sincere.  It is no match to e-mails and chats. It has no emoticons, yet it has genuine emotions that even emoticons cannot convey. Letters that are tangible and handwritten are personal and make stronger connections to its readers.
  • Text her short, thoughtful messages.  Text messages are probably the easiest and fastest mode of communication available. It is different from making a call, because text messages can be read over and over again. Short and thoughtful messages every now and then will make her smile, but don’t overdo it. Don’t text her every ten minutes, maybe two to three times a day is enough if she does not respond. Simple texts messages like, “Hi, I’m headed to work – thinking of u.” is one good example.
  • Show her romantic gestures. Send her flowers. Make her feel like you are courting her again. Maybe you can cook her favorite dish and deliver it to their home. Do whatever it is that you know she will appreciate.
  • Show her an improved you. When you were still together, what are the things that she wants you to change about yourself? Maybe you were a heavy smoker, and she was urging you to quit smoking. Maybe you were hanging out with the wrong friends who seem like a bunch of jerks to her. Maybe you were letting your parents’ divorce affect your studies. Or maybe you were a really good singer/songwriter, but don’t have the guts to perform in front of people. Show her that you can do these things now. Surprise her in a good way.
  • Show her a fun and light side of you. Your ex-girlfriend may be a bit skeptical at first. She may even stare at you while you are having a conversation and she will look for signs of something that has changed in you. When she does, make sure that the first thing she notices is that you are fun and easy to be with. There should be no dark cloud hanging above you, and your aura must be light. It will be easier for her to get along with you this second time around when she sees that you’re not carrying a heavy load anymore, whether that load is a load of guilt or a load of problems.


  • Don’t stalk her. Don’t follow her wherever she goes, because I guarantee you that she will notice especially if she is with her other girlfriends. In fact, it is scientifically proven that a woman’s vision is better than a man’s because their pupils are much wider than theirs. So, no stalking, even if you tend to be discreet.

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And then there’s this other thing called cyber stalking. You check her profile every 5 minutes, you “like” every photo and selfie she has uploaded, then you also “like” every photo of her that other people uploaded, and you write a comment and then tag her name on it. What is wrong with you? Please, do not do that. It’s kind of creepy.

  • Don’t call her every ten minutes. I know you want to hear her voice and talk to her all day, and it’s tempting because it is too easy to do it. With just several taps on your cell phone, scroll up or down until you find her name and just tap it again, you can already call her. However, you may want to limit your call. Remember, you’re already texting her, and you’re doing things for her and making amends for whatever you have done to her in the past. Those are already a lot for her to take in, so don’t call her too often. Don’t suffocate her. Give her plenty of time to think by herself.
  • Don’t be aggressive. Being aggressive shows impatience and selfishness. Let her know that you are willing to wait until she gives you a direct answer. During that period of waiting, be ready for whatever her decision may be. If she tells you that she can’t do it, then simply accept it. You can’t force a person in doing what you want her to do, especially if you’ve wronged that person in the past. If she gives you another chance, grab it and make the most out of it. Make sure that you don’t do the same mistakes that you did before. But until then, let her absorb and think through things in her own pace. Just remember that every relationship goes through bad times, what matters is how the two of you deal with those bad times. Trials strengthen relationships.
  • Don’t be a friend. Don’t ever dwell on the friend zone.  If being a friend is the only thing that she gets from you, then that is exactly she’ll give you – no more, no less. Girls are capable of creating a wall-of-china kind of line between a guy friend and a boyfriend. If she only sees you as a guy friend, then you will not get her back, ever. She will not risk a great friendship over a relationship that can end at any time. Don’t let her see you as a great friend because that’s not a good thing. Except of course, if that’s all you want.
  • Look good. Girls are not the only ones who are capable of makeovers when they aim to get their ex-boyfriends’ attention. Guys can do it too. Go to the gym, get a haircut, look neat, and shop for some clothes. Make her notice that you’ve changed not only on the inside, but also physically. Don’t let heartbreak and desperation prevent you from taking a shower. To look good, there has to be balance. Simply put, be good-looking inside and out.

Remember that this list of DO’s and DON’T’s does not guarantee 100% that you will get your ex-girlfriend back. Your ex-girlfriend is a human being with whom you want to re-build your relationship with, not a property that you wish to re-possess.

No matter how ugly your break up had been, no matter who did what, if you want to rebuild your relationship with someone, you have to forget the past. You have to set aside all of the negative and ill feelings you have towards each other. Another important thing is trust. If she tells you that she doesn’t trust you anymore, don’t demand for it.

Trust is very hard to earn, and it is even harder to rebuild it when it’s broken. Do whatever it takes, and assure her that you’ll never let those mistakes keep you apart again.

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  1. hi my name is peter and i lost my gf to a mr Duchebag he told her a lie about me cheating on her with two other girls finelly got her to belive on me but the last time we spoke she just told me that we were never doing anything new and that we always did the same but now that i have changed how should i let her know it pls help me she’s the only one for me the only girl for me and i dont wants to lose her

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