How to Get Your Man To Marry You?

Getting into a relationship is surely tough, but when you finally do get into one, the feeling is the best one in the world. Girls are usually really emotional about their love life, and soon after getting into a perfect relationship, they start making plans about their life after marriage. Who doesn’t want to enjoy that great white wedding and being with the one person they love the most? Almost every girl! For guys, however, the situation is slightly different. Most of the guys aren’t the marriage type, and it would take them a good amount of time before they finally think of settling with someone for the rest of their life. A guy needs to be mentally ready to make this decision. This article is going to guide you on some of the ways you can get your man to get ready for the big move.

#1 Be the perfect girlfriend

You need to make him feel that you are the best girl that he can get. Love him loads and get him to feel special all the time. Do a little more than what all other girlfriends do and be the perfect woman for your man. Make him realize that you are all what he really needs.

#2 Take care of him

Taking care of all his big and small things is always going to be likable. You should know about his routine so that you know exactly what he needs all the time. Make food for him and pack it when he goes off to work, keep his clothes ready and be even more careful if he ever catches a cold. This all will make him rely on you for small things, and he will realize that he cannot live without you.

#3 Be his biggest fan

You should be his personal cheerleader. Encourage him on all his achievements whether big or small. Ask him about his passion and desires in life and support him in all that. Show him that you believe in his capabilities. Never let him give up on anything and be a constant support for him.

#4 Be honest about what you want

Guys are usually dumb when it comes to understanding the mind of girls. There may be a possibility that he never thinks that you want a long term relation with him due to which he never pops the question. You need to give him some clear hints and sometimes it is even better to just tell him clearly of the thoughts that go on in your mind regarding your relationship. That will plant that thought in his mind, and he will think about it at some point.

#5 Don’t scare him

Be careful that you don’t irritate him by constantly bringing up the topic of marriage. Guys don’t like clingy girls, and this constant pressure will make him get tired of you. He will prefer sitting alone than talking to you because he will fear that you will always annoy him with the same topic. So, try to keep it slow and steady.

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