How To Give Someone Space In A Relationship?

Sometimes relationship becomes very confusing. Where love craves for togetherness, at times it may buzz the need for staying apart from each other for some time. Relationships need space to flourish and giving space while staying in a relationship is an art which I suggest that every couple must learn for the healthy development of the bond they hold.

So, finally you have found your prince charming or your lovely princess, and from here the story of your life actually begins. Attaining a guy or a girl of your dream is not the end of the story; it is basically the beginning of your real life story. Love is much more than just accomplishing this. It is about keeping and holding the magical connection active and alive. Otherwise, it takes no time in turning the miraculous tie to a tragic tale.

Why do we need space in a relationship?

A relationship needs space to grow into an affectionate bond to share for the lifetime. Life always seems high when you always have your special one around but again too much togetherness can adversely affect your relationship. Although, couples together make a lot of memories to rewind at the time and rekindle their love for each other but on the other hand they need to cherish a few moments separately and make memories for themselves.

Everybody needs space. You need to learn giving space and accept it as well before your partner pleads for it. Love doesn’t mean that you have to stick together all the time. Take some time out alone for yourself, and then you can come back together again.

Giving space and living a better-balanced life

Knowing how to give space will help you in keeping a balance between your togetherness as well as your individuality. By staying together, you do come very close, but you lose your individuality. Sharing same activities together all the time will not let each of you know that what your partner likes and enjoys the most. And moreover, there is going to be nothing different and unique to share with your partner which will make your life boring after sometimes.

Giving too much space in a relationship

Can there be something like giving too much space in a relationship? Yes, there is which can ruin your relationship. Do not take your space giving to the level where your partner feels like being ignored and taken for granted. Beware of doing things like coming late home very often or forgetting important dates etc.

What is the perfect balance in giving space?

As such there is no defined formula for balancing in providing space. Do spend time together but at the end of the week ask yourself about what you have done for yourself or how much time you took out to spend separately all by yourself. On the other hand, give space to your partner who may be gasping for some time to be spent alone.

Learn to give space and bloom as an individual as well. Keep the excitement alive by making your own memories. As long as you have something new and fresh to share with your partner, your relationship stays lively and energetic.

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