How to Go From Dating Someone to Being in a Relationship?

There are times when you have been going out with a person, but you are still not sure as to whether you are or not in a relationship. You definitely like spending time with him/her and would give anything to have their company. They make your day light up every time you see them, and you would not want to be anywhere else at that moment. The state gets confusing because you are getting deeper into the feeling, but you still haven’t given it all meaning. This article will talk about the ways through which you can turn that dating into a proper relationship.

#1 Be happily single

Getting into a relationship doesn’t mean concealing your weaknesses and seeking refuge in the other person. You need to first develop yourself as a fully independent person that is content and satisfied. You can’t move forward in life if you have loads of issues hanging with you. Two people should give each other strength; therefore they must first be a whole themselves. When you are complete and happy being single, that is when things flow naturally and turn it into a relationship. Otherwise, desperation will only make it a mess.

#2 Ensure compatibility

You should know exactly the things that will encourage you and what things will put you down.  When you are sure of all your deal makers and deal breakers, only then will you be able to make the best decision whether that person will be a good life partner. You need to know for sure whether you will be compatible with that nature and character. The more compatible you are with him/her, the greater will be the chances that it turns into a long term relation.

#3 Take your time

You may be restless to get that perfect partner for yourself, but you need to know that all the things that are rushed always end up being messed up. It is better to let things slow down and happen naturally as they destined to. This is a big decision. Therefore, you should let time play the major game. That will not put you in regret later. Whatever happens, will be thoroughly decided and therefore you will own up to it whatsoever.

#4 Balance

There is love between you two, but you have to strike a balance. You can’t love them too much nor can you ignore them a lot. You don’t have to be too dependent on him/her or let them be too dependent on you. Both of you need to be independent in your lives and have a happy separate life so that when you two meet, you have a lot to talk about and it automatically creates respect for the other person.

#5 Open communication

Communication is perhaps the most important factor in the road to any relationship. You have to be free to talk to the other person regarding whatever you want. You both need to be easily approachable for each other. This will turn it into a relationship soon because you both will be going in the same direction.

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