How To Grow Out Your Hair

Maybe you feel bored with your look or you just are ready to go on for a change in your style, after all doesn't matter the reason, but you are certain about one thing: you want to grow out your hair. We have checked and compiled the information from Anthony Nader, hair wizard and we are going to show you how to grow out your hair efficiently and effectively.

But (and there’s always a but), having seen your mates' mess of locks as they attempted to do the same, you’re somewhat hesitant.

Never fear, Nader is here to provide a few wise words of encouragement that will get you through the #GrowOutFaze in no time.

1. Ditch the hairspray

“When you go for your appointment it's best if you go product free, as this gives your hairstylist/barber a better indication of what your natural texture is doing so you’re both on the same page for the journey ahead.”

2. Be aware that there’s no quick fix

“Keep in mind that you need to gain more length on top, so embrace your newfound strands for now.”

3. Ask your barber to just take off the ends

“There's no need to look like a ragamuffin while growing out your hair. Just ask your barber/stylist to knock off the very wispy ends around the sides and the back to keep a sharper appearance.”

4. Leave it for three months

“Yes I know. You’re cursing me. Trust me here guys, because you need your hair to generate some length before your next cut. This is the halfway mark.”

5. Have fun styling the new length

“Now you have more length on top you'll be able to create different hair shapes so invest in two or three different hair products so you can change up the look of your locks.

Try a lightweight wax which for the times you need to keep the hair sleek and tight to the head.

Grab yourself a good sea salt spray to help create a grittier texture.

Experiment with a moulding paste (types vary on weight of hair) to help you generate lasting hold.”

6. Push past half way

“Six months in and your co-workers now call you “the guy with the stylish dishevelled GQ hair”. Well done. It is time to book in with your barber for the final flourish.

The sides and back have grown perfectly in length. Be firm with your stylist here. Ask that your barber/stylist only nibble off the ends so your strands take on a healthier tone.

You may also find that the top area is a little heavier than you would like, ask for that area to be lightened up a little with some textured cuts to prevent your hair falling solid and flat.”

7. Play around with styling your new length

“Your hair may take a little while to settle and take to your new styling. Be patient and enjoy it. If you wish to keep the length you only need a trim every two months from here on in.”

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