How to Impress Her Without Having To Say A Word

Most guys stress thinking about what to say when they first meet a girl or how to impress her with their words. But an even better and helpful way is to be able to attract her well enough that your words later don’t matter that much. These tips below can help guys to attract women without having to stress over the words game.

Attract with your eye contact

The first thing that we come in contact with when we see the other person is their eyes. Guys should make sure that when they make an eye contact with a woman, they should combine it with a warm smile and fixate the contact for a long time. Women get confidence from friendly and warm eye contacts, and it gives them a good vibe regarding the person.

Some guys can feel anxious and nervous when making and eye contact, so for them, it is advised that they take a deep breath first and try to keep all the nervousness in their belly. None of it should show on their face. Their gaze should be warm, relaxed and open.

Attract through social proof

Women look a lot more in a guy than just his looks. For many what matters, even more, is how much the guy is preferred by his friends and how much of importance he has amongst his group of friends. Guys can capitalize on this by becoming socially attractive in a way where they are standing in the group of attractive women and having a good laugh. This way the woman will get jealous for not being there and will, therefore, get attracted to that guy.

Attract with cute non-verbal banter

Using all those banter lines are surely a great way to start a conversation with someone, but a nonverbal banter is an equally effective way. Once you have made a good eye contact with a woman and you don’t want that time to end then a good option is to start with non-verbal banter. That can be done by making cute faces like sticking your tongue out or something which will definitely make the woman laugh, and the chances are that she initiates a conversation.

Attract with your appearance

The clothes you wear and the way you carry yourself is what builds the first impression. Women always notice someone who is well dressed, so if you ace that, then your chances with her get really good. Also, you don’t need expensive clothes to attract her, all you have to do is make sure whatever you are wearing is clean, and your face and hair are clean as well. A presentable guy will always attract another woman.

Attract with your body language

A woman never ignores a confident body language. Make sure that you avoid things like fidgeting and excessive movements that give a negative vibe to her. She will like it more if you are standing straight and with full confidence.

These few ways will undoubtedly help a guy to impress a woman better than uttering confused words.

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