How to Keep a Conversation Going With The Opposite Sex?

Talking to someone for the very first time has always been uncomfortable especially when talking to opposite sex. In the starting a few minutes of the conversation, you find yourself very uneasy and awkward.  You might get so confused that it starts to annoy you. But no matter how annoying the situation gets, you need to keep going and try your best not to end up with any embarrassment.

It doesn’t matter who are you trying to impress, your new find date or any other friend. All that matters is to keep the awkwardness away from seeping into your conversation. If you fail to grab the attention, then the person you are talking to most likely to slip away from that place. If your friend feels awkward, he might be praying for you to leave him alone instead of staying back and enjoy the conversation.

How to keep a conversation going?

Once polite greetings are over, you need to follow the following steps to maintain a stimulating and happy conversation going:

  • Use the technique of open-ended questions:

If you need to prolong the conversation, then tackle the situation with open questions. When you are questioned, end your answer with another question so that the conversation continues.

  • Create more questions from their answers:

You can proceed by asking more questions from their given answers. Suppose they told you about something they like, you can ask further related questions to know more about their interests. This will not only help you in keeping the conversation on the move but also you will get to know about each other.

  • Complimenting:

Say something nice to warm up the conversation like, “I am glad I met you, otherwise this gathering was going to be very boring.”

Remember while complimenting, do not say it very early as it gives a very desperate impression.

Conversation makers for pleasant conversation

The conversation must be interesting and enjoyable. This can only be when you have something in common. After greetings, make your friend feels like you both have something in common by trying to build a connection through conversation.

Below mentioned are the things to talk about which will let you find the connection between you two:

  • The Place where you stand:

Talking about the place where you have met each other and things all around would be a perfect start in getting to know each others’ ideas and thoughts before getting too personal so early.

  • Professional Life:

Talking about work is a good topic for the conversation. You can ask related questions about their line of work. It keeps the conversation going and appealing.

  • Hobbies:

Other than professional life, you can ask about the other activities they are interested in or what do they do in their free hours. You might find something in common, or at least you can show interest in experiencing the same activity in your free hours.

  • Talk about a common factor:

There must be something in common between you two like the host of the gathering or the friend who introduced you two or any sort of common activity etc. This common factor provides you the platform to break the ice and getting more personal.

The thing to remember during the first conversation:

  • Appear comfortable
  • Smile
  • Do not just smile!!
  • Stop judging yourself
  • Do not fidget
  • Show interest
  • Do not look over desperate or eager.


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